A sneak peek inside DreamLover Labs

Maybe it’s because I travel a lot… Maybe it’s because I blog frequently… Whatever the reason, I recently got the rare opportunity to meet with the founder of DreamLover Labs and get a peek at the research and development activities of this unique company. We talked about the current product, the DreamLover 2000, and how […] Source: Keyed For Cassandra

q’s Metal Chastity Cage Adaptation for the Masses

I’m pleased to report that after months of merciless testing by Mistress Cassandra, the perfected adaptation of the Watchful Mistress combined with the Dreamlover 2000 is going into production. In fact, the great folks at Mature Metal will be showing the tantalizing combination of these two devices at Fetishcon this weekend. So if you’re in […] Source: Keyed For Cassandra

Poor Q Now Has Even Less Privacy

By Mistress Cassandra That’s right. I’m here to let everyone know I will be a regular poster on this blog, well, every now and then that is. Now I can tool around, see what is lurking within the administration panel. So far I have found nothing incriminating. I will check my boy q tonight and […] Source: Keyed For Cassandra

Virtual Chastity Key Holding Service – CarliLock

Keeping Mistress Cassandra informed on the latest developments in chastity is one of my duties. To this end I recently came across the Carlilock web service. The concept employed for virtual key holding is straightforward. Without looking at the numbers reset the combination on a lockbox, take a picture of the new combination and upload […] Source: Keyed For Cassandra

Watchful Mistress Update

I have been testing the new Watchful Mistress connected to the DreamLover 2000 for a few days now. As I reported before, the connectivity and reliability seems excellent. Regardless if I am clothed or not, standing, sitting, lying down, on my back, on my side, bending over, or whatever, those pulses come through! (Ouch!) Testing […] Source: Keyed For Cassandra