New Femdom/Cuckold Contract 2013

FemDom/Cuckold Contract 2013 The, male submissive Herby referred to as “puppy”, previously in possession of his own person, agrees to deliver himself entirely into the hands of his Master. Master agrees and states that She wishes and intends to take possession of puppy for the year of 2013.By signing this Contract, it is agreed that puppy gives up all rights to his own person in every sexual manner, and that Master takes entire possession of puppy as property, claiming for Herself his body, his sexuality, his future, his heart and his mind. *Note: Definition and term changes for clarity concerning puppy: cock= clit, ass= pussy, cum=clit juice, shaving=shearing, condom=clit juice catcher, cock cage=kennel, testicles=marbles *Bold text refers to changes for 2013 contract year [...]

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MFF 3some-femdom style

puppy's view-Well i need to post this post with a review of a hot event that took place several years ago when i was still the alpha male and my Mistress was not the domme she is today but my girlfriend instead.  We have always been a sexual couple and experimental and knew a very hot petite young brunette girl (who will go by the name K) who wanted to participate in her first threesome and chose us to introduce her into this fun world.  We had a great time with her ( see pictures below) and remember her fondly to this day.K our playmate She was open to sooo many things and had a fantastic body. Our nights together were porn like in the things [...]

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Better Spouses | Welcome to Better Spouses!

Welcome to Better Spouses! By Vivian This site is intended primarily for the woman who wants to improve her marriage. The information and techniques described within are tried and tested and will accomplish the following results. Improve your husband’s attitiude toward his marriage. Assure that your husband enjoys remaining faithful to you. Make your husband more cheerlful, less cranky, and much easier to live with. Assure that your husband does his share of work around the house. Increase the intimacy and communication in your marriage. Energize your sex life –making it more satisfying for you and your husband. Increase the happiness, satisfaction and security you feel in your marriage. Make your husband more romantic and attentive to you. It is unbelievably simple to [...]

Better Spouses | Toward a Fantastic Marriage

TOWARD A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE: How and why Domestic Discipline works. An essay by Vivian (part 1). Do you remember how your husband treated you when you were first dating? Was he more thoughtful then? Did he look forward to being with you? Didn’t he try to please and impress you? If you’ve been married for any length of time you’ll probably find that the man you married is a bit (or a lot) differnent from the man you’re married to. Lets talk about the reasons for that difference. When your husband first became interested in you, he was unsure of the extent to which you were interested in him. He wanted you and he wanted you to want him. He looked to signals [...]

Better Spouses | Why this works

TOWARD A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE: How and why Domestic Discipline works. An essay by Vivian (part 4). Why this works There are few levels to this question. One is why would he submit to me, follow my directions, do as I tell him, accept harsh discipline from me? Another facet of this question is why is it effective at changing behaviors he hasn’t changed in years? The third way this question may be interpreted is why does discipline and restriction (forced chastity) make him behave generally better and more lovingly toward me? Let’s examine each of these layers separately. 1. Why would he cooperate with this? This is pretty simple. Most men will cooperate with domestic discipline because it is a game. It’s only [...]

Better Spouses | The gift of hope

TOWARD A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE: How and why Domestic Discipline works. An essay by Vivian (part 6). The gift of hope Many of the concerns I have heard from women for the past two years as I have been promoting Domestic Discipine is that its techniques may be demeaning to him, hurt his self-esteem, cause him to be resentful of me, encourage immaturity in him, etc…. On the face of it, it seems a difficult argument to make that punishing, humiliating, and controlling a man’s genital functioning will result in greater self-esteem and psychological health, but it is true. A good place to begin is with an understanding of consensual Dominnant/submissive sexual relationships (AKA D/s). As I’ve said, Domestic Discipipline is not S&M, but [...]

Better Spouses | Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs What follows are examples of some of questions I have been most frequently asked by women over the past couple of years and my responses. This entire web site is actually one big answer to frequently asked questions, but this section deals with a few that I felt needed a little more explaination. QUESTION #1 Dear Vivian, While I am intrigued by this idea of punishing my husband and controlled his orgasms, it feels confusing and self-contradictory. On the one hand, it seems as if you are saying that I should put my husband over my knee and spank him because he really wants me to (that he gets a sexual thrill out of that) and on the other hand you’re telling [...]

Better Spouses | Getting Started

TOWARD A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE: How and why Domestic Discipline works. An essay by Vivian (part 11). Getting started I hope the information on this site is enough to get you started with this new and wonderful aspect of your marital relationship. I promised this page on getting started, but I honestly don’t have much more to say on the subject that isn’t already covered in the site. But I will try to offer something helpful here. 1. If your husband has already told you he is interested in trying Domestic Discipline. In this case your next step is easy. Take him up on it! You’ll want to begin by sitting down with him to lay out the rules. The rules may be as [...]

Better Spouses | About Sex

TOWARD A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE: How and why Domestic Discipline works. An essay by Vivian (part 8). About sex The great thing about sex in a marriage that includes Domestic Discipline is that it gets better in whatever way you want it to. Think about your sexual fantasies, the things you’ve never told your husband about for fear of what he’d think of you or for fear that he’d either reject you or the idea. Now you have the freedom to let your husband know what you want in sex without fear. You have that freedom because of his vulnerability. Think about it. He has just allowed himself to be bare-bottomed spanked by you, you have humiliated him, restriced his access to his own [...]