Women Learning About Their Partners Fantasies

It may be that your husband has referred you to this page, or you came upon it doing your own research.  One thing is for certain.  If you are here, you have come to learn that your husband has some deep down fantasies and you are trying to learn how to cope with it. If you embrace it, and what he reveals to you is a massive turn on, then great, this site will help you learn how to dominate him in a manner that will be fulfilling for both of you. If you are nervous, confused, scared, and even disgusted by this, then please read on.[usersultra_protect_content display_rule='logged_in_based' custom_message_loggedin='Only Logged in users can see the rest of this page. Login to the right, [...]

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Submissive Male Looking For Dominant

There are several things you can do to start looking for a dominant woman as a partner or a mistress.  First, we do not encourage anyone to use this information if they are in  relationship already but are too ashamed to admit their fantasies to their partner. If this is you, pleaser refer to this article. The number 1 resource online to find a dominant woman is fetlife.com It is likely you will find many partners in your area, especially if you are in a large city.  Please use that site and any information you get on this site at your own discretion.  It is a great place to meet like minded kinky people like you and start friendships, and also to find [...]

Married Men Femdom Training – Step 1

There are many things you can do to participate in a femdom marriage, but there is only 1 requirement.  COMPLETE submission. Whether your partner knows about your "submissive fantasies" or not, you can start towards this relationship by becoming completely compliant, and obedient to your spouse. So for this post, I  am going to separate your actions into 2 different scenarios. If you are married and your partner does not know about your submissive fantasies Here is a list of things you can do to start progressing towards your flr.  Don't worry about the sex part yet.  You must first do these things and they must be because you love her and not because you want something out of it.  We are going to [...]