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Locked And Spanked – Forced Exercising

she-rules: mistressmg: (Submitted by: jeremy9999 ) Such a lovely pink…. a nice start indeed! Mistress Macie Great workout regimen for a sub-hubbie!


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90 Day Free Husband Training Program.

In our 90 day free husband training program, we will show you how to take even the most non compliant, selfish, arrogant husband and turn him into your faithful obedient servant. Our methods are tried tested and true, and will be sure to work. If your husband has referred you to this website, he has [...]

Femdom Husband Training – Last Optional Step – Sissification

Warning:  Proceed only if you want to.  This is optional and should only be done if you understand fully the implications of these actions. If you have found this series for the first time.  Stop reading and begin here. If you have completed all the prior steps then resume reading here. Proceed with this [...]