The Essence of Female Dominance: The Unspoken Dance

The Essence of Female Dominance: The Unspoken Dance A Mistress in a Female-led household doesn’t have to give consideration to the sexual excitement of Her slaves. I prefer to ignore the urges, pleas and hard-ons of My slaves until I’m in the mood to use them for My own pleasures or amusements. This will seem grim to many males, particularly those that frequent Pro Dominatrices, I realize.  However, in My world, the ignoring, the longing and the desperation incurred is the yoke that pulls My slaves deeper into Me. I  know their urges are there—I don’t need to check. It’s obvious to see that they fall over themselves in their sexual frustrations while around Me, following Me like eager dogs, and I like [...]

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Licking Ass Servitude

herrockno3: femdomgames: It’s your favorite day of the week when your magazine arrives. It is his favorite day too as he knows he will be worshipping your asshole until you are done reading it. So nice.

Face Dildo Sex

Chastity Show &Tell

cuckoldingnl: And it would make me proud to be shown to your girlfriends. MODERN MARRIAGE