Warm Up For Pegging

marquiseoftease: Thank you for that lovely flogger. Now, let’s warm this cute little ass of yours up for a fun ride later, shall we?

Tuck Your Little Cock Away and Take Me You Little Bitch

auntiesuzette: Tonight I make a real man out of you…. how humiliating… luv it

Oral Service Training

Our rules

mistresslittleblog: cuckoldhusbandobediencetraining: Attitude1.  He will not be disrespectful or rude to me, my female friends or other  women2.   He will not address me as anything other than Miss Sarah or Mistress. He is allowed to call me darling when it is not possible to use my correct titles.3.    He will not put his needs before my needs or the needs of the children4.    He will not swear or raise his voice to me or use foul language5.    He will  not fail to listen, turn away or interrupt me when I am speaking to him6.    He will not lie to me or attempt to deceive me in any way. 7.    He will  not wake me up whilst I [...]

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Holy Trainer and training hypnosis ☺️

To day I'm in chastity and start my new training from my a Goddess. She has decided that I should listen to hypnosis. I do hope it works and I will be more submissive to her and her command 💕💕💕 I adore and worship you Sime73. You are my Goddess 💕💕💕

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