Turn it around

Not so long ago I wrote a post sort of loosely inspired by a question posed ages ago about whether it was okay to s-types to blow off commitments they’ve made. Now I want to turn that question around. Is it okay for d-types to blow off commitments? I hope it’s obvious that the answer [...]

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Think About It From A Different Perspective

These images clearly show that everything is not always as it seems.  Change your perspective, and your view changes.  I encourage others that do not necessarily agree with female domination, or female led relationships to change your perspective.  There are reasons why it works so well.

Husband Severely Switched by Trainer

My husband got himself severely switched by his trainer the other day. This is what led up to it. We had just spent a week of pseudo-vacation at the summer cabin. There were lots of other people around and so we could not play much. But I did take him into the woods on the [...]

Femdom Problems: Being a Dominatrix VS Getting What You Want

I browse reddit when I’m bored, and this comment thread came up on /r/relationships from a user (reluctantmistress) with a pretty classic problem that happens more often than I’d like in femdom: the guy who can only understand his own needs, so a loving and indulgent woman who actually enjoys it gets overwhelmed with service topping to [...]

Femdom Hypnosis – Why, How, and What.

Femdom Hypnosis - The Myth First off, let me say that hypnosis is not some magical fairy dust that can make anyone do anything.  It simply does not work that way. For any hypnosis to work, you must first have a willing subject.  This goes for femdom hypnosis, or any other type of hypnosis.  If [...]

Training Your Man

parker877: Sometimes you start to think he messes up on purpose. So you vary your training methods to keep him guessing….