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Nine orgsasms and cuckolding

Sunday was a bit of a record setting day. I enjoyed 9 huge orgasms. 3 from bitch-boy’s well trained tongue and 6 from my lovely Magic Wand vibrator. Orgasm number 6 was the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life! Why so much sexual pleasure? – I think, partly because of Mistress Justine’s [...]

Scientifically Assisted Parthenogenesis?

Have scientists devised a way for Women to conceive children without any male sperm?  Interestingly, but not surprisingly, using this method to get pregnant, a Woman would only produce Daughters.  My thoughts posted inside the private Journal. ____________________All Content Copyrighted © 2007-2015 This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 at 2:31 pm [...]

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How to tell if you’re doing it right

Way back in the depths of the archives, Mistress Matisse has a really good article about how to tell if your scene went well as a top. To summarize her article, there’s a really simple 3 level scale that she learned from Joseph Bean: The person you played with wants to do that particular thing again [...]

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Serious fear and helplessness creates the contentment

Given the comments I received on my last blog post, particularly from DarkHorseSub which were very helpful, I will make sure that anything I submit as a comment but which I wish to share with the world, I will also make a blog post. Below is the first. I was asked to point a sub’s [...]

I let my husband ejaculate into my mouth

Yes, it's true. I let him cum in my mouth. Not even a self-imposed punishment or anything.This is how it happened.It was Friday night. We met after work at a symphony concert. First of the season for us. Great program! Bach Toccata and Fugue for orchestra (Stowkowski Fantasia edition), Brahms double concerto featuring the TSO's [...]

Types of Sadism?

Before getting to the meat of this post, I have a question to my blog followers. I often post a view of mine in a comment in response to a comment I have received on my blog. Sometimes a view I would really like to share with all my blog followers. However, the number who [...]

Open Your Mouth, You Little Slut