A bad case of stupid

I’m sure that when Tim Berners-Lee was inventing the world wide web, he wasn’t thinking it’d be used to exchange amusing articles on penis related injuries. Fortunately for us his idea took off, and we now get to enjoy articles like this on what people did their dicks in 2015. Its culled from a database [...]

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xrayeyesblue:femdominleggings:Red leggings mistressWant to…

xrayeyesblue: femdominleggings: Red leggings mistress Want to know more about me? Im a 59 y/o bi-curious submissive male living in Boston, MA. Always interested in meeting like-minded people in my area.Check me out on FetLife: xrayeyesblue Want to chat. Leave me a message on Kik: xrayeyesblue Source: Femdom Planet

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