slaveplaydoh:Mistress would lock this on me. She could make me…

slaveplaydoh: Mistress would lock this on me. She could make me walk through the mall in full slut mode or walk down the street naked. She loved this tool. Once she had me tied down and was on top fucking me. Boy did she get a ride. Source: Femdom Planet

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Jenny Beaven Refused To Wear Heels to the Oscars

In a glitterized world where women are often required to wear heels at red carpet events, Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beaven boldly states that she will not follow the rules. Jenny wore a black leather jacket with a scarf and flats to Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony where she picked up the Oscar for Best Costume+ [...]

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Choose Your Upgrade

Choose Your Membership Level Gold Monthly  Access to all past files worth over $1000 in retail Access to 4 new files each month Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back Cancel anytime through paypal or email to Full Upgrade Details   Gold Annually Access to all past files worth over $1000 in retail Access to 48 new [...]

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Things new submissive men should probably know, part #

Why yes, I have totally given up on numbering these I’ve seen a lot of guys worry about being the perfect submissive or whether they’re doing submission right. Considering how many manchildren there are out there who never give a second thought to whether they’re actually good at submission it’s kind of adorable, but I [...]

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