Ejaculation without orgasm

A comment has caused me to seek advice from you dear followers. I think for a male there is an ejaculation without an orgasm as well as an ejaculation with one. An orgasm includes a huge feeling of euphoria. I can give bitch-boy a spoiled ejaculation by stopping all physical contact with his penis the very first moment ejaculation begins. Another way is when he is caused to ejaculate without euphoria by prostate stimulation. In these two cases, there is an ejaculation of semen but no euphoria. HE HATES THIS! An orgasm (feeling or euphoria) appears to require appropriate continued stimulation of the penis once the ejaculation has begun, until it ceases. I have never given him an ejaculation, when he is locked [...]

xrayeyesblue: slut-2-mistress-a: There are many ways for a…

xrayeyesblue: slut-2-mistress-a: There are many ways for a Woman to make a man feel like he just got fucked in the ass. Actually fucking him in the ass is by far the most pleasant.  Re-posts and original posts exploring the kinks lurking in The Hidden Recesses of My Mind Source: Femdom Planet

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