polyfetishist:Happily Sodomized SissyWhat a generous woman….

polyfetishist: Happily Sodomized Sissy What a generous woman. She’s found someone for sissy to play with. Is Raven the name of the artist? Source: Femdom Planet

Humiliation Equipment Sourcing

I wonder if my wonderful blog followers can help me with some sourcing problems I have. Things wear out, new items become available. There are three items I wish to purchase to keep bitch-boy’s humiliation and subjugation levels at their highest but am struggling to find a UK source. THE FIRST item is a see through plastic [...]

Reader Letter: Communicating Your Needs To Your Sub

This reader has another common femdom problem- dealing with getting the head space right when your frame of reference is decidedly focused on partner pleasing. Add that age old bugbear of personal anxiety about your attractiveess, and you have a thorny problem worth examining. Hi Miss Pearl, I just wanted to say I love your [...]