captioned-femdom-situations: captioned-femdom-situations: 4k posts reblog >100 notes Source: Femdom Planet captioned-femdom-situations: captioned-femdom-situations: 4k...

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xrayeyesblue:theultimatechastity:A sexy and amazing thought!…

xrayeyesblue: theultimatechastity: A sexy and amazing thought!  One day this will be truth. Re-blogs and original posts exploring the kinks lurking in The Hidden Recesses of My Mind This blog is maintained by Princess Clover’s slave r Source: Femdom Planet xrayeyesblue: theultimatechastity: A sexy and amazing thought!...

femaleledchastity:hotwendy79:One tit out…You know what to…

femaleledchastity: hotwendy79: One tit out…You know what to do. Lol, it would be fun to have her randomly tell me to do this! Source: Femdom Planet femaleledchastity: hotwendy79: One tit out…You know what to...

T67 Personal Training Page

General Members Area Month 1 Discipline & Obedience to this file everyday consecutively for 1 full month starting from the first day you listen to this) Assignments For Training Assignment 1 You will need to refrain from masturbation or orgasms from sex with your wife for one full month.  If your wife is pushing for sex, [...]

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