her-poisoned-worm: ḤƏṜ Ᵽỗïƨọŋǝḏ ẉoṟɱ ℥Ɀ∅₪⫎

her-poisoned-worm: ḤƏṜ Ᵽỗïƨọŋǝḏ ẉoṟɱ ℥Ɀ∅₪⫎ Source: Femdom Planet her-poisoned-worm: ḤƏṜ Ᵽỗïƨọŋǝḏ ẉoṟɱ ℥Ɀ∅₪⫎

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Husband Given Handjob by Sister

Well, it was xmas time again, and guess what gift my husband david got from my sister Sue? Yup! A nice, healthy, handy! It was not the first time, either, she has given him handjobs from time to time, even as an xmas gift before.My sister is by now completely into girls. So for her it's more a fun mechanical act to make a male blow his load, and she enjoys doing it. The process is pretty funny when you think of it.Sue had told me of his xmas gift, and I had told him. Yesterday she came over to make good. We were all in our living room, when she said, "Christmas gift time. Let's get started. Strip," she said.david looked bashful [...]

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her-poisoned-worm:ḤƏṜ Ᵽỗïƨọŋǝḏ ẉoṟɱ ℥Ɀ∅₪⫎

her-poisoned-worm:ḤƏṜ Ᵽỗïƨọŋǝḏ ẉoṟɱ ℥Ɀ∅₪⫎ Source: Femdom Planet her-poisoned-worm:ḤƏṜ Ᵽỗïƨọŋǝḏ ẉoṟɱ ℥Ɀ∅₪⫎

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2017 Goals

My goals for 2017:  read and memorize affirmations on www.femdomtraining.ca.  introduce the idea of chastity to my partner.  pamper, serve and quickly obey her every command.

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mistresss35: hiswickedqueen:Beautiful contrast of virginal…

mistresss35: hiswickedqueen:Beautiful contrast of virginal white on a sissy slut ♥️♠️ @cocklockedslavehubby Source: Femdom Planet mistresss35: hiswickedqueen:Beautiful contrast of virginal...

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Husband Inspection at the Mistress Wives Club

Public Inspection, Public Humiliation A Mistress Wives Club in North Carolina has a new feature. Mistress Wives bring their submissive and slave husbands for inspection. There is no set schedule. Wives are encouraged to bring their husband for public inspection at least twice a year. An unspoken rule is that no wife brings a husband more than once a month (if he requires more attention, the Husband Disciplinary Committee will help). Subhubbies stand facing the wall, their pants and underwear down at their ankles. The women are very critical of what they see. If a husband is putting on too much weight, he is mocked. Women walk up and yell in his ear, “Fattie!” The other women laugh. If a man has red [...]

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