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So, it has been over a month since I posted anything to my blog.  Apologies as life just gets in the way sometimes.  Between having to coach 24 and his fiancee on how to create a realistic budget to live on, more on that in a later post, to MrsL’s injury, and getting back on the horse for business travel I haven’t made writing a priority. MrsL and I have also been ebbing through another not so kinky phase of life after our fantastic week on Maui.  The ebb and flow has really centered around her desire to lock me in the Steelheart because she admitted to me during our anniversary trip that she was really enjoying having my hard cock inside her [...]

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tonilipsticklesbian: “I know why you continue to visit my blog on a daily basis…you crave female…

tonilipsticklesbian: “I know why you continue to visit my blog on a daily basis…you crave female authority over you.” tonilipsticklesbian: “I know why you continue to visit my blog on a daily basis…you crave female...

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The Perfect Conversation Starter?

The other day I posted a video called 'You Know What I Want' or something like that.. which I notice a lot of people have clicked on (can't imagine why). It was made by a studio called 'Female Worship' and it seems they have quite a lot of videos available on PornHub. They are all pretty much the same formula to be honest, guys worshipping their wife's/girlfriend's pussy and/or ass - what's not to like, right? Obviously some are better than others, depending on the actors involved and I've linked about fifteen of them on my video page, but I thought this one in particular deserved to be shared more widely.The premise is simple, the guy comes to tell his sleeping girlfriend that [...]

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The "Hold" Technique

Over the years I’ve discovered a few techniques and methods for bringing out the submission in my husband.  He is submissive by nature so I am not talking about converting him into a submissive husband.  That part has already been done by forces beyond me. What I am referring to is doing things to deepen his submissive state and strengthen his submission to me. There are a few benefits to doing this. First, a submissive man is happiest when he is in a submissive state and when a woman embraces his submission. A man who falls deep into submission can experience sub-space, which is the ultimate utopia.  I am sure there are many different ways to describe sub-space. My husband explains it as [...]

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An Awkward Couple of Hours

I flew down to LA today for some R&R. Or I guess I should say some D&D – Dine & Domme. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I can’t say I started it particularly brilliantly. When I got onto the plane I did the usual seat nesting process we all do. Stashing bags away, fiddling with the seat pockets, firing up my devices, etc. I’d just unlocked my iPad when the flight attendant came across to offer me a drink. That distracted me into a short conversation with him, followed by an exchange of pleasantries with my seat neighbor. A minute or two later I looked back down at my iPad and realized it was open on twitter and that this tweet from [...]

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A little #mondaymotivation with the luscious Lucy!…

A little #mondaymotivation with the luscious Lucy! 😉 #businesswomen #officelife #redhair #glam #curves #redlips #heels #legsfordays #updo #suit #blouse #blonde #ginger #turntoRed A little #mondaymotivation with the luscious Lucy!...

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How to Get a Woman to Dominate You: a Search Review.

I believe you can tell a lot about the quality of the information available to community by how searchable it is and right now that exact phrase “How to Get a Woman to Dominate You” turns up a disaster as far as results. About 50% of humans seem to be at least vaguely kinky, with submissive fantasies being very common in all genders. Despite that, it’s an oft remarked comment of femdoms that the quality of the come ons we get and the education of our potential partners is more often than not, appalling. Guys who think we don’t exist. Guys who don’t know how to approach us. Guys who think we are weird fetish unicorns. Why, with the sheer banality of the [...]

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MARTIN, SOPHIE & CHRIS: Originally Written in 2004 (reworked in 2019)

I've just submitted four old stories from 2004 to Literotica, all of which have been redone from hard copies and improved where possible, I'm not going to post all of them here, but this is the best one (and one of Mistress R's favourites) and I thought I would share it with you...MARTIN, SOPHIE AND CHRIS Sophie closed her eyes as the water fell over her head. She loved her new shower, in fact she loved her new house and her new husband too, even though her mother thought he was too old for her at 30. He was waiting for her now, in their newly decorated bedroom, with his lovely thick cock probably already hard. Sophie’s hand rubbed the shower gel into [...]

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Caught With My Dick Out By My Wife

My wife isn’t just in charge at home. She’s also in charge at work. That’s because she’s my boss. I never took advantage of our relationship, but it certainly came with some perks. For example, I liked to sneak into her office while she was in meetings to relax. She kind of knew, but never really said anything about it. Caught With My Dick Out By My Wife

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The Philosophers Stone

Alchemists believed that there was a mystical substance that could transmute any element into any other element – the Philosophers Stone. The medieval theory for this was that the stone was formed from the intrinsic material of the world, the fundamental base that all other things were made from, and hence provided a means to dissolve and reconstitute materials as the alchemist desired. Since most alchemists got funding by pitching get-rich-quick schemes to wealthy patrons, that typically meant turning lead into gold. Sadly the philosophers stone doesn’t exist, but the concept got me thinking about it in the context of kinky activities and sexual desire. I like a lot of different activities, which on the face of it are all fairly different. Being [...]

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