Modest Appointments #sinfulsunday

It’s been a frantic, busy, busy week. But what better way to soothe one’s tensions than a nice, calming, Saturday afternoon workout! And I have another appointment this afternoon . . . so won’t get back to my normal Sunday reading until very late this evening. But I’m positive there will be many more fun [...]

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Modestly Mellow #Boobday Friday

Thank you to all who have asked why I haven’t been “posting on Friday’s” lately. As I mentioned in my Members Update at the beginning of June, I have been so busy lately that Boobday photo-opportunities have been rather limited. However Hubby and I did manage a fun, naked-stroll, amongst a sea of yellow on [...]

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Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #12

Installment #12 – The submissive side overcoming the dominant side Since i was a teen-ager i have been dominant. i have been in control of every romantic relationship, led nearly every organization i was a member, and professionally am entrusted with leading others. i see myself as a servant leader in my professional life – [...]

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A Modest Fantasy #wickedwednesday

We all have dreams . . . dreams and fantasies . . . and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that, for as long as I can remember, mine have usually been of the erotic, or sexual, variety. And I’ve been very lucky over the past three decades, to have been able to indulge [...]

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Interview with Simone Justice on the ethics of BDSM public play

Just before Dom Con New Orleans in 2018, Simone Justice asked if She could interview Me regarding My thoughts on public play.  She was preparing to lead a DomCon Parade down Bourbon Street and the topic of public play, consent and ethics came up.  I don’t think this interview was ever published so I thought [...]

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A Modest Run Rate #sinfulsunday

As you may remember, I’ve begun to familiarise myself with the game of cricket over the past year. Especially after being told so many times how skilled I am with bats and balls. And, as we are presently hosting the Cricket World Cup,I thought I would explain some of the basic rules and procedures necessary [...]

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Ready for the great English #summer! ☔️ #greatoutdoors #raincoat…

Ready for the great English #summer! ☔️ #greatoutdoors #raincoat #boots #leather #pinup #redhair #curvygirl #fauxfur #transparent #glamour #saturdayvibes #blacknails #redlips #ginger #turntoRed Ready for the great English #summer! ☔️ #greatoutdoors #raincoat...

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heavybondageforlife: Where I belong, where I always have. @steelwerks

heavybondageforlife: Where I belong, where I always have. @steelwerks heavybondageforlife: Where I belong, where I always have. @steelwerks

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