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Male Chastity Training Complete Couples Pack

For Men

If you want to be the best man you can be for your partner, male chastity might be the answer.  Male chastity converts sexual energy and lust into productive serving power that enables the male to lose weight, earn more money, be more attentive to his partner, and all around better lover.  In this file you will have increased desires to be in chastity and will crave chastity until it becomes a regular expression of who you are.   Lara will take you through an epic adventure of self discovery to finally tap into mothers nature secret hack that enables a man to open his mind, body and soul to new adventures, passions, and life.



For Women

If you have not put your man into a male chastity device, you have been missing out.  When you lock your man’s penis up, you will experience greater connection, more devotion, more respect, and an overall better attitude towards you and in his life in general.  Watch him learn to dote on you as if you just started dating again.  Watch his increased productivity in his workplace, home, relationships, and much more.  Mens sexual energy is meant to be harnessed and used to benefit not only the man but the people in his life.  Take control of a mans sexual energy, and you will have a happier more fulfilled life for the both of you.




Male Chastity Training Assignments

Assignment 1

You must listen to the hypnotic file for men every night for the next 30 days without exception.  Bonus points for listening to the day file whenever you get the chance.   If you have a partner and they are participating with you in this, get them to listen to the one for women at the same time every night when you go to bed.

Assignment 2.

You must wear a male chastity device for 30 days in a row, without release.  Tease and Deny is completely acceptable and encouraged, but you are not allowed to have an orgasm for 30 days, and you need to wear a male chastity device of some kind.   If you did not buy our ultimate male chastity device, you have one more chance here before the timer expires.

Assignment 3

Whenever you get really horny from lack of orgasms, you are allowed to fuck your ass with a dildo, or your partner can fuck your ass with a strap on.  Anal penetration is the only method of sexual pleasure you receive.  You of course are allowed to give as much sexual pleasure to your partner, and in fact it is strongly encouraged.  The purpose of this assignment is to repurpose your sexual energy and direct it completely towards your partner.  If you don’t have one, then redirect your orgasm needs to anal stimulation.

Assignment 4

Each week you are required to write 25 lines in pen and ink and email them to me at

Week 1

Thank you Lara for teaching me to be an obedient chastised slut.

Week 2

I love chastity and accept it as a permanent part of my life now.

Week 3

I am looking forward to my orgasm when this 30 days is up.  Thank you Lara.

Week 4

I am a horny, obedient chastised butt puppet and I love it.

Good.  If you fail to make it for a full 30 days, you must reset these assignments and your 30 day chastised period and repeat until you have made it 30 days.  This means that you will write lines forever and ever until you make it.

If there is a woman participating in this, I want you to read all of this and hold him accountable. There will be no sexual pleasure given to your man under any circumstances until he completes this 30 day task, other than anal stimulation or teasing and denying his cock.


If you are single, you can masturbate.  This will be in your bathroom kneeling on the floor.  You will shoot your load onto the floor, and then you will lick it up.  This is the only way you get to experience your first orgasm.  Then you can email me and tell me you did it, and be very descriptive in how it made you feel, and what this whole experience has been like.  Email me at

If you have a partner, you are free to have sex with her or orgasm in any manner she decides.  Wherever your semen goes, you must eat it.  If you cum inside your partner, you must get down and lick it out of her.  Get every last drop and thank her for being so kind to you to participate in your kinky fetishes.  Also email me of this experience and be detailed about how this whole experience made you feel.

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