Modest Causeway 2020 1

“Well at least it’s not quite as scorching hot as the last time you made we walk all the way across!” I said to Hubby as we neared the halfway point.

Modest Causeway 2020 2

“And it’s not so busy with other walkers either.” he replied.

Modest Causeway 2020 3

“Well that’s probably because it’s so bloody windy!” I said.

Modest Causeway 2020 4

“But do hurry up please … I can hear some other people coming now and you stand-out like a sore-thumb with that camera!” I hissed.

Modest Causeway 2020 5

“I know they may have cameras too … but they’re just taking photos of the view … and they never seem to take such a long, LONG time like you do !!!”

For many more Sinful views this Sunday, just snap
the Sinful Sunday lips below.

Sinful Sunday

P.S. – As we had already visited this particular Causeway, at my Naughty Scavenger Hunt pages before, I thought I would add this particular
Sunday-stroll to my Exposé Vŭ memories.

Modesty Ablaze Expose Vu

Xxx – K

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A Modest Causeway Revisited #sinfulsunday

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