I wax . . . regularly . . . and as I am now in my more “mature” years, I do like to keep things tidy. All round . . . if you know what I mean!

But it’s just been so, so Horribly busy recently, that I haven’t had the time to keep my normal waxing appointment.

So imagine my Horror this morning when Hubby pointed out . . . during his morning “cleaning” duties . . . that downstairs had become a little bit Hairy . . . and even worse, that some of the Hairs were white!!!

Should I have thanked him for his Honesty . . . or should I have spanked him for his Harshness ???

Well actually . . . on the spur of the moment . . . I already did one of the above. But How would you have Handled the moment???

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Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

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A Modest . . . Hair #sinfulsunday