Between March and July 2019 I set my record for the longest period without an orgasm (119 days) but that record has now been broken. I equalled the record a couple of weeks ago (my last orgasm happened on the 2nd of May) and as of today my record stands at 133 days… and of course each day that goes past adds one more to that total.

While of course there is part of me that wants to cum, as always there is also a very large of part of me that does not. Those few seconds of pleasure are followed by at least a fortnight of trying to get back into the ‘zone’ of denial. It’s times like these when I start fantasizing about ‘permanent’ denial… and when Mistress edges me I imagine her teasing me about not letting me cum for a very long time or whispering in my ear that she’s seriously considering ‘never letting me cum properly again’.
While that is quite extreme and maybe the fantasy is better than reality, it’s not uncommon for guys who are in full time chastity to say they don’t really want to cum. I find the only time I really want to cum is in the days after a full orgasm; once I am back in the ‘zone’ I kinda don’t, because I hate the downswing and the refractory period……
What I love about being long term denied is how hard I am and how intense the teasing can be and I know it takes probably two-three weeks to get back to anything like where I want to be. On the other hand, I do love cumming on Mistress’s gorgeous body and licking it clean, so that is one other thing to take into consideration. 
It’s funny, I say each day is a new record and I know a lot of guys obsess about numbers, but to be honest it’s not about that. I don’t really care if it’s 120 days or 150 days or 200 days, or whatever it is…. if I’ve been denied more than a few days then I don’t really want to cum because I want to gat back to that ‘zone’ and if I’ve been denied a week or two then I don’t want to cum because I want to stay in the zone.
Of course the other time I really want to cum is about three seconds before I hit the edge. It really isn’t until the edge is threatening to become unstoppable that the balance tips, up until that point I really don’t. I love being stroked, slapped, scratched and all the rest of it, 
I think if Mistress told me that she was going to give me a ‘voucher’ and that I had to tell her when I wanted my next proper orgasm she’d be very surprised how long I would wait. That would be quite interesting, since presumably then Mistress would be trying to get me to use the voucher and she would be teasing me about cumming on her feet and licking them clean while I was trying to resist the temptation. 
That would be kinda fun since she would be edging me knowing that unless I caved in and used my voucher she would ruin it, and since she knew that she could edge me pretty hard and long… sounds awesome!

A New Record…

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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