Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well in these troubling times… I’ve had a rough couple of weeks but I’m a lot better now. I had my operation on the 17th of March and then a week later I was cleaning my teeth before bed when I realised I had blood in my mouth. This is not a good sign after a tonsillectomy, in fact it’s a very bad sign indeed! I rang the hospital and was told to go to A&E immediately, so I had to wake up Mistress R to take me, because potentially I could be kept in and possibly even have to have another surgery to cauterize the wound. Terrific…

I got to A&E at 1:30AM or something like that I think, and was seen by a nurse initially. The bleeding had stopped but she wanted me to be seen by a doctor, so I had to wait another two hours to see him and then he sent me to see an ENT doctor who then decided I needed to stay in hospital. By now it was 5AM or something like that and I sat in this little room feeling very depressed, but glad I wasn’t one of the people in the isolation cubicles I’d walked past who had the Corona Virus!

I got onto a ward at 6AM and had a thoroughly shit day gargling peroxide (and very nearly puking up doing so) while watching ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Top Gear’ for 12 hours on a TV that froze for 3 seconds every 30 seconds… in the most uncomfortable bed ever. I already had a bit of a bad back before I went in but this fucked me up good and proper, I’m still stiff four days later.

Still, they pumped me full of antibiotics and since then my life has been markedly better. My mouth has got steadily less painful, although I’m still finding it tough to swallow some foods. Soup has been a godsend this week I can tell you!

So I’m on the up, but best of all, tonight I finally felt well enough to take care of Mistress R and give her first orgasm for thirteen days (the poor luv…eh!), which really lifted both our spirits as thirteen days is an awfully long time for us. She also gave me some lovely teasing and it was so nice to kiss her properly again (tonsil surgery gives you some nasty breath for a week or so), she got me awfully close and I was probably half a stroke from ruining – I really thought it had gone too far, but no, unbelievably the cum stayed in my throbbing cock (50 days since my last real orgasm).

You know, I kinda wish I’d gone to the doctors years ago about the growth on my tonsil, or not bothered at all because though I couldn’t possibly have known when I went in November last year, as it turned out it really came at the worst possible time. With the world falling apart around us the last thing we really needed was all this added stress and nobody wants to go to hospital ever, but right now it is the last place you want to be. But still, I was lucky, there was a guy on my ward who had been waiting 10 days for his operation…. thankfully he finally went down a few hours before I was released.

Apparently 9 of the 13 operating theatres at the hospital have been turned into Covid19 wards, so it’s no wonder that operations are thin on the ground. Personally I can’t imagine that my stupid tonsil was a priority, especially since nothing had changed in about 6 years… but I guess that’s not my decision. I will say the staff at the hospital were fantastic, especially the lady nurse who took me down to theatre and kept me cheerful with jokes and her constant singing. I’m just glad it’s over now…

Sorry for moaning about my shit, I know in the scheme of things it’s not so bad – I’m not trapped on a cruise ship or battling this awful virus. It sucks that I haven’t been in a position to write anything for you guys, I feel like the world needs a break from constantly obsessing about disease and death. Mistress R and I are only looking at news sites once a day now, and staying well away from sensationalist newspapers like the Daily Mail.

We all know what we have to do, constantly reading about it isn’t doing our collective mental health any good at all. Yes it’s probably going to get worse, but there’s still an overwhelmingly good chance of survival. Not to diminish the potential tragedy, but even if say 20,000 unfortunate people perish, that’s 0.0003% of the population, the odds are extremely good.

Stay positive, and hopefully we will all make it through this together.

A Rough Couple of Weeks!