Being on Literotica you get used to receiving feedback which can vary from very positive to blisteringly negative. But it’s unusual to receive feedback of any depth or length; most comments are either along the lines of: ‘I loved this‘ or ‘I came in my panties before the end of the first paragraph‘ or ‘you can’t write for shit‘ or most commonly perhaps ‘any chastity device can be cut of with a simple saw, this is so fucking stupid…‘.

So I was quite surprised to read a feedback left on my story ‘Anna’s Cuckold’ the other day, which actually took the time to explain why they liked my story so much, which is actually rather helpful, since it’s useful to know what I am getting ‘right’ as much as what I am getting ‘wrong’.

Anyway, here it is:

Anonymous said: “Her dialog. The tone of her voice. The context of it all happening as she only sympathetically makes it known she’s pleasing him one last time, but would like something in return. Her mind fucking and tormenting one-sided conversation with him as he pleases her. The boundary-crossing nature the bi submission she’s asking of him in the future. Doing as casually as a woman might ask her husband to take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner in exchange for a back rub. Asking kindly and lovingly, rather than demanding. Asking from a position of known psychological strength over him. Strength even as she’s physically weak from a building and impending orgasm. Asking without regard to the tormented humiliation she surely knows it causes him. In fact, possibly asking in a graphically detailed way to heighten his torment, humiliation, arousal and deepen his submission to not only her, but her bull. Above all, asking from the perspective of her own hedonistic arousal and pleasure, far above his own perverse arousal from being asked to submit in such a way. These are the things that make their interaction scorching hot.

I want to emphasize; when a woman asks something of a submissive, in a kind, compassionate, sympathetic and or loving way, despite the degree of submission and humiliation involved, and conveys in a way where over time the submissive understands it’s more of an expectation, it’s far more exciting and arousing than a dominant woman demanding a submissive submit to her will. In doing so, she shows she doesn’t need to raise her voice to be in control. The more difficult or tormenting the task for him, and his willingness to comply, the stronger her dominance over him. When a woman is merely able to hint, imply or kindly ask about an outcome she might appreciate, and the submissive interprets this as the onus being put on them to follow through with her implied intent, this is a deep level of domination and submission. A dominant’s ability to command a submissive with a subtle facial expression, like a casual glance, briefly raised eyebrow, or even simply through a moment of silence rather than words, can be deeply more controlling a raise voice accompanied by exacting orders or punishments. 

Although no direct punishment was given in this story, I imagine based on her nature, if she felt the need to do so, it might be expressed in disappointment that comes from a place of love, even if that love might be convincingly feigned. Please continue the story. Truly enjoyable.

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