Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of Mistress and I’s very first date, and while waiting for the highlights of the Grand Prix to start on TV, I got a very nice surprise. Mistress came downstairs wearing some very hot lingerie and told me it was time for some ‘spontaneous ass worship*’. Regular readers will know how much I love this and how infrequently the opportunity arises, so I was extremely happy with this turn of events!

(*For newer readers, I define ‘spontaneous ass worship’ as not during ‘normal’ sex, so if Mistress sits on my face while she’s teasing me in bed and lets me worship her ass that’s not it, but if for example she just calls me into a room unexpectedly and tells me to kneel down and lick her ass then that’s what I would call ‘spontaneous’…and AWESOME. 😁)

Mistress stood in front of me looking super sexy and then turned round and only then did I realise she was wearing her ‘assless’ knickers! Wow, super hot. I leaned forward and parted Mistress’s cheeks slightly before pressing my eager tongue between them and flicking it against her delicious asshole. Mmmmm!

It wasn’t the best position though and we moved so that Mistress was kneeling on the sofa (with her arms on the back of the seat for support) and I was kneeling on the floor behind her continuing to tongue her ass as my cock got harder. I thought was going to be the end of my treat (and would have been very happy and grateful with just that to be honest) but then Mistress moved back and away and told me to sit down and pull my jeans down. She knelt down between my legs and started stroking, slapping and sucking my cock.

She got me to the edge and stopped and I thought that was the end of it, but Mistress climbed on top of me, peeled her bra down a bit and allowed me to suck on her nipples. Then she turned around and started teasing me with her body, rubbing my cock between her legs and between her ass cheeks. Then she got back on the sofa again and I got to worship her sexy ass for a second time (so loving this!). 

Eventually she moved back again and I thought that really was it, but Mistress told me to sit down again and she grabbed my cock again and started stroking it. I asked her to let me see her gorgeous breasts and she removed her bra altogether before pumping and slapping my cock some more. I started to think maybe she was going to let me cum (it was thirty days since my last orgasm) and as I neared the edge a second time Mistress asked me if I wanted to cum and then she pumped me hard over the edge.

A huge wad of cum fired off and landed God knows where and then the next two ropes went on each of Mistress’s gorgeous breasts, and some dripped onto the top of her right thigh. Mistress watched as I licked each of her breasts clean and then she stood up and lay on the sofa and I knelt between her legs to lick the cum off of her thigh. Then she stood up and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her, such submissive bliss!

What an amazing and unexpected treat that was. Thank you Mistress!

A Very Special and Unexpected Treat on an Anniversary

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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