I flew down to LA today for some R&R. Or I guess I should say some D&D – Dine & Domme. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I can’t say I started it particularly brilliantly.

When I got onto the plane I did the usual seat nesting process we all do. Stashing bags away, fiddling with the seat pockets, firing up my devices, etc. I’d just unlocked my iPad when the flight attendant came across to offer me a drink. That distracted me into a short conversation with him, followed by an exchange of pleasantries with my seat neighbor. A minute or two later I looked back down at my iPad and realized it was open on twitter and that this tweet from Mistress An Li happened to have landed front and center on my screen. While I’d being making civilized small talk, my iPad had been endlessly looping a gif of An Li staring at the camera through a toilet seat while spitting, pissing and presenting her asshole. That might make for good porn, but it’s not exactly the first thing I’d want to share with a cabin full of people at the start of a flight.

Nobody said anything, but I can’t believe they missed it. I might as well have been wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “I’m a colossal pervert” across the front. Sorry seat buddy and Delta flight dude.

YMVD 12Of course in some cases it’s possible to combine airlines, femdom and toilet play porn. For example, I give you the SkyQueens series by Yapoo. If one of these videos had started playing they’d have probably had me arrested by the nearest air marshal.

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