Audio Diary "An Evening at Home with Lover No.4"

For all of you who have asked for another Audio Reading from my London Hotwife Diaries this is an extract from “An Evening at home with Lover No.4” from Modesty Unmasked … which I recorded on my Balcony during my Summer Holidays this year.

Once again there is rather a lot of background noise from the local cicadas which I hope you won’t find too much of a distraction!!!


Such an exhausting, but thrilling, week . . . a week of three different lovers in five days! And three new experiences, including inviting a new friend for a “sleep-over” and . . . excitingly . . . having Hubby video all of our threesome fun.

We’d first met No.4 at our swinging club some months ago. It had been a “burlesque” theme night and I’d dressed all in black with my black nipple tassles, gloves and stockings and suspenders. He was cheeky and chatty and we ended up playing briefly then, and then for longer interludes in the “lockable room” on several occasions since. We had actually exchanged numbers on that first meeting, and he had sent a text the very next day to say how much he’d enjoyed being with us. I’d sent a polite “thank you, me too” text back as a reply.

A week later he messaged again to ask if we’d be visiting the club that weekend. I had to tell him that we weren’t able to make it on that occasion but would let him know the next time we planned to visit.

Timing was good for us the following weekend and we let him know we would be going along . . . and sure enough he was already at the bar when we arrived. We played again that night, and then again several weeks later when we’d again told him we would be at the club.

Our times together in the room were a little longer on each subsequent occasion, but it was from our chats at the bar that made both Hubby and I agree that he was different from most of the other single guys we’d met at the club. And, in the aftermath,of one passionate after-club session with Hubby I found myself very, very aroused by his suggestion that it would be fun to entertain “No.4 at home for a sleep-over”.

After I’d recovered from the explosion of the sensations brought on by that suggestion, I asked Hubby if he was really sure we could, or should, be doing that. He pointed out that we’d both said after each of our club-sessions with him how different, sensible and genuine he’d seemed . . . and that we’d already entertained one of our other “acquaintances” (Lover No.6) at our home.

So as we lay in bed, winding down that Sunday morning, I messaged him to ask if he was interested in joining us the following evening. His reply was almost immediate . . . “would love to”.

I’d been quite apprehensive and nervous at work all day and even talking in the car with Hubby on the way home from the office, I told him I still had misgivings about actually inviting him back to our home. I fussed about in the dining room setting out nibbles and glasses whilst Hubby showered. It wasn’t until I was under the shower myself that I began to tell myself it was “too late to turn back now”.

Hubby set off to pick up No.4 from the station whilst I re-did my make-up and chose my favourite silk robe . . . there was no point in dressing up in one of my club-outfits, he’d already seen me naked. Much better to feel comfortable, after-all, we all of us knew why we’d invited him!

He was very complimentary about my robe as he returned my kiss on the cheek by way of a greeting. But that first half an hour was still nervously awkward and difficult as the three of us sat chatting and sipping at our wine.

The conversation did flow naturally of course … into each of our adventures at the club and our reasons for visiting in the first place, and our fulfilment and enjoyment since. Eventually though it fell to Hubby to finally suggest we go upstairs.

Once in the bedroom though all our inhibitions seemed to instantly vanish . . . just as though we were in the familiar territory of the “lockable room” back at the club. The evening that followed though was anything but like the 30 minutes or so we’d previously experienced at the club.

No.4 and I lay back on the bed, me still in my robe him still in his shirt and trousers. Our slow kissing and fondling was so completely different, and seemingly more passionate, than what we had experienced at the club. It was as though we were discovering each other for the very first time. And amazingly it seemed even more passionate and exciting. Even Hubby (who was sitting watching in the corner) told me later it was so much more sensual and arousing than anything he’d seen me do with No.4 before.

Our fondling slowly became more amorous and adventurous as I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands up over his chest, then lay back as he carefully untied my robe …


If you’d like to find out just how our “evening at home” continued, you can download Ebook or PDF copies from my Amazon, Gumroad, or Etsy pages from the Links at my Ebooks page >here<.

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“An Evening at home with Lover No.4” – Reading from my Audio Soundcloud

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