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Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #15

Installment #15 – Control + Humiliation + Punishment in the Simplest of Things – by slave boy i am committed to being Mistress Ayn’s chaste slave, Her slaveboy.  To simplify, this means that She is in complete control of me, will humiliate me as She deems necessary, and will impose punishment as needed or for [...]

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Dominating Washington, DC – September 9th – 12th

My quarterly sojourn to Washington, DC is just around the corner and now is the time to secure a place at My feet.  FemDom sessions begin September 9th for 3 days only. For those that have not sessioned with Me, here are My interests: Body Worship – Respectful feet, legs and ass Bondage – from [...]

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Trials and Tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #14

Installment #14 – When serving a Mistress, not Mistress Ayn – by slaveboy For months, Mistress Ayn has been my Alpha Mistress, my Keyholder.  There is no incentive to change anything about this relationship from my perspective, nor do i want to do anything that would jeopardize this relationship.  Yet, i do not get to [...]

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Ayn messes with Texas – August 12th – 14th

Get ready Big D because I intend to mess you up. I will be invading your town and your mind August 12th – 14th so plan accordingly. Domina Daria is opening Her play space to Me and double sessions are even available for the brave or foolish. Keep reading . . . For those that [...]

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Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #13

 Installment # 13 – Chastity “Cuckolding” As many know, typically, a cuckold is when a male changes his role from sexual partner to chaste submissive and the Female takes on other sexual partners.  The male is no longer the alpha and there may be many other males in the Female’s life, as it should be.  [...]

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FAQ #32 – Do you offer smoking fetish sessions?

I have never been a smoker so smoking is not something I enjoy.  Early on I realized that doing things in session that I don’t genuinly like is very short sighted.  I love FemDom sessions and I want to keep it that way. Smoking is not necessarily repulsive to Me and I have to admit [...]

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It was like being in a FemDom video

Usually I complain that subs watch way too many FemDom videos and then expect a session to be like what they watch.  Often what’s depicted in clips is not at all what a real session is like.  However, a recent submissive showed Me that sometimes expectations are realized and even exceeded.   In his words: [...]

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Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #12

Installment #12 – The submissive side overcoming the dominant side Since i was a teen-ager i have been dominant. i have been in control of every romantic relationship, led nearly every organization i was a member, and professionally am entrusted with leading others. i see myself as a servant leader in my professional life – [...]

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Interview with Simone Justice on the ethics of BDSM public play

Just before Dom Con New Orleans in 2018, Simone Justice asked if She could interview Me regarding My thoughts on public play.  She was preparing to lead a DomCon Parade down Bourbon Street and the topic of public play, consent and ethics came up.  I don’t think this interview was ever published so I thought [...]

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Two weeks of Double FemDom June 4th-18th

The stars have aligned and the next two weeks finds My favorite Dungeon Sisters and Me all in town at the same time.  Let’s take advantage of this rare happening and indulge in some double sessions – or even triples or quads if you can handle it. Sessions are available with Mistress Ultra Violet, Goddess [...]

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