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être éveillé

I come awake with a start – frozen in place, throat tight, heart pounding a rapid tattoo in my chest – to the roar of frustrated winds blustering against the night. I am cold. Disoriented. The t-shirt I wear is twisted around my torso. My sheets are skewed, my pillows tossed, my legs tangled in [...]

Cum for me…

I am liquid slick, boiled down under the flame of your fingers. Molten, steamy. Slow burn reduction, simmering under your touch. I am raw senses and quivering heat, pinprick pleasure and delicious, dripping ache. On fire for you. I feel the grip of your fingertips on my hips, pulling me back against your swollen cock, [...]

au réveil

The afternoon sun reaches through the windowpane, light-soaked rays stroking their fingertips over my sleep-warmed skin, caressing me through my quilted cocoon, coaxing me slowly awake. It takes me a while, I think to myself, as I hear his approaching movements against the background sounds of domestic hums; fluffing towels turn in the dryer while [...]

bête noire

Limbs twined, my cheek to his chest, I inhale his skin between slowing heartbeats, kittening under his hand stroking my hair and nestling into the strength of his ember-warm embrace. My lashes flutter in a latent echo of endorphin trembles, and, stroking my fingertips over his torso, I ask… What are you afraid of? …even [...]

Welcome To Vagina!

No, not Virginia. Vagina. The state that is its own state flower. Or something. So:  Welcome to Vagina!  I’ll be your tour guide.  And before you ask:  NO, there will be no free rides through the Tunnel of Love today.  Also:  I hope you brought your raincoats. ‘Kaysooo… Every now and then I get befuddling [...]

Food of Love

He crawls on shaking limbs to arrange himself alongside me, trembling from the force of his release. I can feel his heartbeat thudding through his ribcage, the thrum of it echoing in the veins of his arm draped over me, and I soothe the staccato rapidity with half-note hums and quarter note breaths, stroking my [...]

Hours Before Dawn

Blue-black visions swim against my eyelids as I swim to consciousness, fingertips dipping beneath my waistband in somnambulent insistence, trailing fire against sensitive flesh, seeking sweet relief. I am slick. Hot. Swollen. My fevered skin aches, the barest air bruising me with its caress, my nipples prickling at the assault, begging for your mouth. I [...]

Hot Ashes For Trees

Gilmour says he’s moved on; so too should we. So appropriate the name of David, I think. Love is a Goliath, and I am a stone’s throw away, watching, waiting, while singed memories rise in woodsmoke song streaking through low fog, and the lyrical liquidity is a balm to my charred heart, aching – from and [...]