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The cruel Mistress Serena

Below is an account sent to me on Fetlife by cuckolded, chastity controlled,  tiffanymaid. I thought it may be of interest to followers. Painful Reading…. Whilst awaiting delivery of Mistress Scarlets most recent Journal (Volume 12), Mistress Serena (my MistressWife) suggested my initial reading on arrival would be kneeling before Her on my knees, [...]

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Real-life lifestyle Issues

Here is a comment/question I received from a lifestyle Domme and my answer. Does anyone deal with the issue another way? Mistress Scarlet, My sub and I have started reading your guidance manual and I have to say it has dramatically improved our lifestyle. I want to thank you for writing such a wonderfully [...]

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Governess Malice

Some early reviews of Volume 12 of my journals. COMMENT 1 Just got to the last chapter and ‘Governess Malice’ – WOW – just WOW! COMMENT 2 posting to comment on Volume12. i have only partially read the Volume at this point. (in a random order). On arrival, Mistress Serena postponed opening the package [...]

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Mixed vanilla and DS life

I have mentioned before that in some DS relationships the Domme ALWAYS prefers DS time to vanilla time. These are the most full-on DS relationships. This post is unlikely to be relevant to them. Then there are the relationships like mine. I have my bitch-boy puppet toy on the shelf and, I can, anytime I want to, [...]

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Poor Helpless Puppet

I love this image from the wonderful Sardax which I think really sums up how a Domme feels owning a submissive who is helplessly addicted to his Domme, despite (or because of), all the terrible things he must endure to retain his privileged position. (I do assume there is a chastity device under his thong.) A [...]

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Journal 12 now published

At last I have published volume 12 of my journals. Now available on Amazon Kindle, USA,  UK,   DE,   FR,   ES,    IT,    NL,    JP,    BR,   CA,   MX,   AU,   IN.   Also available on LULU paperback and LULU ePub. It will shortly be available on Apple iTunes, Nook, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and  Ingram.           [...]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who looks the cruellest of them all?

Many people have a primary sense of vision. (Rather than sound or even touch, etc.) But so much of DS activity excludes seeing all that is happening, thus missing out on power-rush pleasure for the Domme and subjugating effect for the sub. The Domme should have a think about increasing access to the visual [...]

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Another wife takes control

I purchased your manual. I am very much excited to begin this journey with my husband. He is most definitely a true submissive and I am finding my dominant side which has been made much easier and clearer because of your wonderful manual. Thank you!  A comment recently received. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than [...]

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