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Kinky Pigment

The two drawings below are by the artist Kinky Pigment or Knky Pgmnt (as the signature has it). You can see more on their tumblr here. I only discovered this work recently, but I’m glad I did. The style and focus is interesting. I hesitate to say realistic, because some of the other drawings are [...]

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Tips for the talented

Adult content on the internet is in kind of an odd space right now, at least from an economic perspective. At one extreme there’s a handful of premium content creators (like Kink, Femme Fatale Films, Femdom Empire, etc.) and at the other extreme there are countless free sites (blogs, tumblrs, instagrams, etc.), often packed with [...]

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Time well spent

You know you’ve probably spent too much time hanging out on kink and fetish tumblr’s when you see an article titled – We Talked to a Professional Cuck About the ‘Alt-Right’– and your first response is ‘I bet I recognize the guy’. Sure enough, the gentleman in question is Jimmy Broadway, a familiar face to me [...]

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Make America Golden Again

As I’ve written in the past, I try not to feature a lot of politics on this blog. However, when politics and kink collide, I figure people are playing on my turf and the story is fair game. If the major TV networks are going to talk about golden showers, then the least I can [...]

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Divine space

According to this article, the Chinese city of Shenyang has created special parking spots just for women. That’s not an entirely new idea. Some cities have dedicated spots for women with young children, or marked spots in well lit and camera covered areas for increased safety. Sadly the Shenyang spots aren’t for those practical reasons. These spots [...]

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Trouble in the tubes

My previous post talked about common search terms on PornHub in 2016, and the rarity of kink in them. One possible explanation for that is that kinky people don’t use PornHub. If that unlikely situation were to be true, it would reflect with credit on kinky porn consumers. PornHub, and more particularly its parent company [...]

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Large cheating ladies

A new year always means one thing – a lot of ‘year in review’ and ‘top trends’ article. They’re the staple of lazy newspapers and bloggers across the world. Throw some sex into the mix and you’ve got instant clickbait. The one that caught this lazy bloggers eye was this from the Independent. According to [...]

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Mister Elastic

Two things struck me when I spotted this image by Storax. Firstly, it’s obviously inspired by Rodzo. Secondly, bodies really don’t typically bend like that (outside of comics). The same thing could be said for a lot of Rodzo artwork, but it’s somehow more obvious when rendered more realistically. Of course, one should never let [...]

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I gave up on New Year resolutions years ago. Typically they were always things like ‘drink less’ or ‘exercise more’ and were destined to failure. Then I’d feel bad about not doing them, while still achieving nothing. Kind of a lose-lose situation. Eventually I figured out I could achieve exactly the same end result, minus [...]

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