MrsL has continued her generous streak.

Yesterday morning, I let her sleep but placed a note and her cellphone by the bed (she keeps her phone downstairs). The note simply stated to let me know if she wanted anything when she woke up.  It had been a long week visiting 29 and fiancee, 24, and her grandparents, so I wanted to let her sleep.  I got a text at 10:45 a.m.:

“I need to be shaved.”

I grabbed the trimmer then headed upstairs.  I stopped outside the door and stripped out of my clothes then entered the room.

When I walked up there, MrsL was laying o a towel on  the bed legs spread.  After admonishing me for letting her sleep too long, she went back to her phone.  I proceeded to one of the BEST tasks she gives me….shaving MrsL’s pussy.  When I was finished, MrsL decided she wanted a bubble bath so I drew her water then returned to make the bed as she enjoyed her bath.  After the bed was finished, I retrieved the sugar scrub for her feet and patiently waited until she was ready.  Once her feet were scrubbed she stood up and allowed me to dry her.  She reached down grasping the erect cock leading me back to the bed.  She lay down, spread her legs again, then said I could “check to make sure she was completely smooth.”

She loves my tongue and I LOVE using my tongue on her…especially when she is completely smooth.  When she wrapped her legs around my head grabbed a handful of my hair and began grinding against my face, I was in my happy place.  As she moaned soulfully, her orgasm roared through her body and through me.  It was glorious.  She let her legs drop laying there for a few moments before sitting up.  She pulled me up and played with the still erect cock for a few moments before pushing me away.

“What’s for brunch?”

She walked to the closet then out after putting on cotton pj’s.  She walked over and hugged me from behind letting one hand reach around to cup and fondle my balls.

“After brunch, you can come back up here and prepare yourself to be fucked.” She walked away confidently.  To say I was happily frustrated and excited would be a horrible understatement.

The remainder of the day was a constant tease.  I followed her orders shortly after finishing brunch returning to our room to prep for anal play.  I received a text with instructions to put a plug in before coming back downstairs.  I complied.  It has been a few weeks so I took my time working the silicone plug in place.  I went back downstairs and sat on the floor in front of her massaging her feet.

In between the afternoon NFL game and the start of the prime time game, she sent me to the bedroom with instructions to sit out the medium and large dildos.  When she followed me up a few minutes later the fun began.  The plug was removed.  The medium dildo was then worked inside me.  It was a nice transition.  She held it in place and let me do most of the work.  It felt incredible.  After a few minutes, she removed the medium dildo asking if I was ready.  I gleefully chanted yes multiple times.

Ensuring it was appropriately lubed, she slipped the head inside me and stopped.  I implored:

“Please don’t tease me now, Princess….give me all of it….PLEASE!”

Slowly, she slid the remaining length inside me.  I thought the medium dildo was pleasurable.  Damn, how could I forgot how intensely satisfying the large 8″ dildo felt.  This time, MrsL did all of the work.  She still will not wear a harness but that is okay with me.  She still has a free hand to play with other parts of my body.  Being right on the end of the bed on all fours she was able to stand to the side of me and alternate between nipple play and stroking the cock/fondling the balls.  I was moaning, lost in the incredibly intoxicating feeling of being fucked (okay I guess the proper term is pegged), like crazy.  She varied the depth and speed…then just as I was about to lose control and crash over the edge of an orgasm, MrsL pulled the dildo out and walked away.


When she came back out to the bed: “You don’t get an orgasm now…maybe later.  Clean up before coming downstairs.”

My head was spinning from the sheer pleasure of anal sex mixed with the breaking waves of the near orgasm.  I took a quick shower, cleaned up the toys then headed down. We watched the Texans throttle the Patriots then went up to bed.  That is when it happened again.

MrsL began stroking me then pulled me over on top of her.  We cuddled and kissed for several minutes when she whispered in my ear:  “Put that hard cock inside me, now”

That feeling will never get old.  She relaxed allowing me to slide fully inside then fired every muscle inside her pussy.  Warm, tight, and energizing.

Reaching up to latch on to a nipple with each hand; I was instructed to simply bury my cock inside her, push up so she had full access to my nipples, and not move.  MrsL proceeded to work my nipples with her fingers and my cock with her pussy.  When I was getting close, she clamped down harder with her fingers and sent me crashing headlong into a full blown orgasm.  I began thrusting as the first twinge pulsed through my balls.  Even with only being one week removed from my last orgasm, this one felt INCREDIBLE.  I lay there for a few seconds until the cock stopped pulsing.

As I moved off of her toward the bathroom to retrieve a hand cloth, MrsL moved around on the bed and was holding her legs up exposing the cum oozing out of her clean shaven pussy.  The sight and smell drew me in from across the room.  I dare say I am addicted to the taste of cum…well…my own anyway.  She had three orgasms while I cleaned up.

When we snuggled up to each other afterwards, I thanked her for the pleasure of shaving her, being fucked, and granted another full orgasm.  She just purred the drifted off to sleep while playing with my hair.

This morning, she came out of the bathroom dangling the Steelheart on her finger.

“You are going to be locked up this week while I am gone….so get over here and get it on.”

She finished packing and I helped her load the car.  She had kept the key when she locked the Steelheart in place.  After giving me a long deep kiss she reached in the car pulling out a sealed envelope.  “Emergency use only.”  Another quick kiss then she jumped in her car and drove off.

Sunday’s have become a great day around here!

Being Generous