What do you when your wife is submissive and you want her to dominate you?

The most important advice for a husband interested in female domination when their wife is submissive is to communicate openly and honestly with their partner about their desires. It's important to discuss boundaries, expectations, and any concerns that either partner may have. Building trust, mutual respect, and consent are key in a healthy BDSM relationship. Additionally, it's important to start slow and gradually introduce elements of female domination into your relationship. It's important to listen to your partner's feedback and adjust accordingly to ensure that both partners are comfortable and enjoying the dynamic. Lastly, seeking out resources such as books, workshops, and online communities can provide support, guidance, and inspiration for exploring female domination in a safe and consensual way. Remember, communication, [...]

The 3 Pillars Of Our Free Training Program.

3 Pillars Of Our Femdom Training Program. Our training program consists of three essential components. We incorporate affirmations to help reinforce positive beliefs and attitudes. We provide video and email training materials specific to the training module you chose. Last, and the most key element of our program is the use a nightly hypnosis file, which greatly enhances the manifestation of the desired focus. Femdom Affirmations Consistently reading affirmations for 30 days in a row has the power to transform your mindset and manifest positive change in your life. Video Training Watching 15-30 minutes a day of themed videos can help manifest what you are watching by enhancing your visual and auditory learning experience, increasing your subconscious exposure to the desired outcome, [...]

Femdom Couples – How they get started, and how you can too.

Femdom Couple Story Sarah and Adam had been married for 10 years, their love story was one that many envied. They were the high school sweethearts that everyone expected to stay together forever. Sarah was a successful lawyer, while Adam worked as a software engineer. They had a beautiful home, two adorable children, and a seemingly perfect life. One evening, as they sat on the couch watching TV, Adam nervously began to fidget with the remote. Sarah could sense that something was on his mind and gently asked what was bothering him. After a few moments of hesitation, Adam finally confessed his deepest secret - he had a fetish for chastity. Where the rubber meets the road - Femdom fantasies need to [...]

68 Femdom Quotes to tell your submissive in training

Here are some simple commands or quotes you can get in the habit of telling your male submissive until his upper head cooperates with his lower one. Femdom quotes 1. "I am the boss in this relationship, and don't you forget it." 2. "Obey me, or suffer the consequences." 3. "Serve me, worship me, obey me – and I will reward you." 4. "I will dominate you in every way possible, and you will love every minute of it." 5. "You are nothing but a submissive slave, and you will do as I say." 6. "Your only purpose is to please me and worship at my feet." 7. "I will push you to your limits, and then push you further." 8. "You [...]

Femdom Guilt – How to overcome femdom guilt

Addressing feelings of guilt about your interest in femdom can be a complex and personal journey. Here are some steps you can take to work through these feelings: 1. Understand and accept your desires: It's important to acknowledge and accept your interests and desires, even if they may go against societal norms or expectations. Remember that it is normal to have diverse and varied sexual interests. 2. Educate yourself: Learn more about femdom, its dynamics, and the concept of consensual power exchange. Understanding the principles of safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) or risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) can help alleviate feelings of guilt. 3. Communicate with a supportive partner or community: Talking with a trusted partner, friend, or therapist about your feelings can help [...]

30 ways for the woman to take charge in her relationship

1. Experiment with different roles in the bedroom and take charge of your partner's pleasure. 2. Engage in role-playing scenarios where you are the dominant partner. 3. Introduce the idea of using a strapon during sex to take on a more dominant role. 4. Communicate openly with your partner about your desires and fantasies. 5. Take the lead in initiating sex and setting the tone for the evening. 6. Use dirty talk and commanding language to assert your dominance. 7. Explore BDSM practices such as bondage and discipline. 8. Attend workshops or classes on dominant/submissive dynamics to learn more about power play in the bedroom. 9. Invest in sexy lingerie and accessories that make you feel empowered. 10. Practice assertiveness and confidence in [...]

30 ideas for a femdom relationship – Femdom Idea List

Femdom, or female domination, is a subgenre of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) in which a woman takes on a dominant role in a sexual or non-sexual relationship with a man. Here are 30 ideas for activities a dominant woman could do to a submissive man in a femdom relationship: Restrain him using handcuffs, ropes, or other restraints Blindfold him to restrict his sense of sight Use a ball gag or other device to restrict his ability to speak Spank or whip him as a form of punishment Force him to perform tasks or chores for her Require him to ask permission before speaking or doing certain things Force him to wear certain clothing or accessories, such as a collar or leash [...]

Understanding Lifestyle

I need some help because I'm so confused. I am unsure to accept this lifestyle, I want to accept it, and become who I meant to be. But at the same time, I feel like I won't be a man if I do that. I want to obey women, kneeling at their feet, but I don't want to be this man of running away from his duties. Btw my girlfriend doesn't like this lifestyle and I'm just not sure, because I love it. I just need advice, so thank you for reading this!

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I've seen something disturbing in some relationships.  I see some women want to exercise femdom and female supremacy  chastity and denial by simply ignoring his little cock.  Chastity and denial is a great tool, but any fine tool can be used or abused. Chastity will create a deeper, more intimate relationship, and help transform him and his demeanor, but left on its own, it is like lots of sun without water for your plants.  It will dry things out and make a brittle relationship. Using this analogy, you also need water, which is teasing and sexual attention toward him.  When he is in chastity, bring out your most sexy attire, or buy new things that strain his caged cock.  Bring incredible sexy newness [...]

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