Fussy tea drinker

Some people can be very particular about how their tea is made. This woman would appear to be one of them. As the old saying goes: If at first you don’t succeed, have the results poured over your head by an annoyed lady, and then try try and try again. You can see some more artwork from this sequence here. Based on the Google Translate of that page, I believe this comes from a manga series entitled Blade of the Immortal. Source: Femdom-Resource.com

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It’s not often you can use the word ‘ravish’ to describe what’s happening to a man, but I think it’s appropriate in this artwork. It means ‘to seize and carry off by force’ or ‘fill with intense delight; enrapture’. That seems about right. The artist is Milo Manara, an Italian comic book writer and artist. Source: Femdom-Resource.com

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