17 reasons a woman might want a submissive man.

Here are 17 reasons why women are attracted to submissive men. 1. She may feel more confident and empowered in a relationship where she is the dominant partner. 2. She may enjoy the feeling of control and authority over her partner. 3. She may prefer a more passive and obedient partner who is willing to follow her lead. 4. She may enjoy the thrill of being the one in charge during intimate moments. 5. She may find submissive men to be more attentive and considerate of her needs and desires. 6. She may appreciate the opportunity to explore her dominance and assertiveness in a safe and consensual way. 7. She may prefer a partner who is less assertive and more willing to [...]

Pegging Roleplay Ideas: Submitting to the Femme Dominant’s Desires

1. Prisoner and jailer The female prison guard led the male prisoner down the dimly lit hallway of the prison. The guard was a tall, muscular woman with a stern look on her face. She was wearing her standard-issue prison guard uniform, complete with a black leather belt, and a holstered gun at her hip. The prisoner shuffled along, his hands cuffed behind his back, his eyes darting around nervously. He knew what was coming, and he was scared. The guard opened the door to one of the cells and pushed the prisoner inside. She followed him in and shut the door behind her. The guard walked around the prisoner, who was now standing in the center of the room. She grabbed ahold [...]

Lara Meets Paul

Chapter 1: Dinner and a Surprise Paul and Lara had been talking for weeks, ever since they first matched on the dating app. Now, they had finally made plans to meet in person, and they both knew they were eager and a little bit nervous. They had agreed to meet at the Black Olive, a cozy little Italian restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Paul arrived first, and he was already seated at a table when Lara walked in. His breath caught in his throat when he first saw her – she was even more beautiful in person than she had been in her pictures. She wore a simple black dress that showed off her curves, and she had a hint of a mysterious smile [...]

Introducing CORRECTION- Our FLR Soap Opera

I decided to teach the principles behind Loving Female Led Relationships in a new and exciting way. I have created a FLR SOAP OPERA called CORRECTION, an episodic fiction drama series that follows the lives of a group of friends as they fumble through relationships and plenty of life drama while still growing into their+ Read More Source: Conquer Him Introducing CORRECTION- Our FLR Soap Opera #femdomhypnosis #femdomtraining #malesubmissivetraining #femaledominancetraining #femdomhusbandtraining

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First time submitting

I guess I first knew I was submissive on September 29, 1972 was following a football game against Brea High School, in the cool night air, I finally lost my virginity. She was my first real girlfriend. After the football game, she took me by the hand and led me behind the gym at school where she took a seat on some steps. She did not speak a word. All she did was raise her skirt and pull my head underneath. For some reason I instantly knew what she expected of me. I did everything she directed me from there on even though I was full of fear and very uncertain of everything I did. I lost my oral virginity and found I [...]

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The #1 Reason Women Ruin Female Led Relationships

Every woman in this world can experience a Female Led Relationship yet few do simply because they don’t understand that it is an option. As women we are taught to place the needs of others before our own. We are taught that being a “good” person means being humble and allowing our own needs to+ Read More The post The #1 Reason Women Ruin Female Led Relationships appeared first on Conquer Him. Source: Conquer Him

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I Practice FLR with Married Women

Thank you very much for putting together the course Becoming an Anchor Course for Men. Thank you so much for your guidance and good humor with it! I have gained a huge insight from this and I am confident that my interest in FLR for the last five years is now about to shift up a+ Read More The post I Practice FLR with Married Women appeared first on Conquer Him. Source: Conquer Him

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Trip home

I was so nervous as I shook emptied the plastic bag containing the cut up pieces of my driver lincence into men's room trash container.  I had sprent almost fifteen minutes sitting in the stall cutting my last remaining piece of my indentity into smaller and smaller parts. The bag would go into another trash can and the sissor, a very pair, I would leave near the sink.  I knew someone would take them and they would be lost forever.  A shared desire. I thought  i had needed licence to buy my ticket.  No one asked who I was. I just gave my money. I entered the bus before the driver and sat at a window seat towards the rear, driver side, but [...]

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We Are the Average Couple in a Female Led Relationship

I’m Sam and my husband is Adrian and we have been married for nearly 5 years. We are one of the couples who participated in the FLR Couples survey and when we saw the results we had no idea how common certain details of our relationship were. After reading ConquerHim for about a year now,+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Our Love Grew Into A Female Led Relationship

We meet while at Grad School in Cambridge Massachusetts – from the beginning she was amazing – I saw her across an auditorium at our orientation the first day of classes. It was for me love at first sight! For the first couple of terms She would be nice to me but her friends told+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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