Title X Defunding: Visualizing The Depressing & Dangerous Results

Since 1970, the Title X National Family Planning Program has been the only federal program solely dedicated to family planning and related health care. Services include contraceptive supplies and birth control information, as well as cervical and breast cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing and education, and pregnancy diagnosis and counseling services. [...]

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Figging 101: From Ancient Punishment to Modern Pleasure

No one will blame you if you haven’t heard of figging (or only discovered it through porn or E.L James’ “Grey). It’s not the most common BDSM activity; although, it is popular with certain kinksters. Figging combines anal play with punishment in a way that is certainly hard to forget! You’re not alone if [...]

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Sexuality Research – April 2018

1. Racism and Sexism Limits Black College Women’s Sexual Partner Options and Leads Them to Pursue Sexual Relationships Outside the University Setting Source – Amarachi R. Anakaraonye, Emily S. Mann, Lucy Annang Ingram & Andrea K. Henderson Finding: Researchers conducted interviews with 20 black women who were attending college to learn more about their sex lives [...]

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Experience Sensual Therapy With These 5 Techniques for a Yoni Massage

Do you ever feel sexually or creatively blocked? Perhaps your emotions are out of balance, or you simply have no time to focus on yourself and your own needs. The ancient technique of yoni massage offers a potential solution to these problems. You can experience therapy through yoni massage by yourself, with a partner, [...]

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How A Nipple Piercing Makes You Feel Sexier and Improve Sex

Many people find nipple piercings sexy, and they’re rumored to provide sexual pleasure. Like any piercing, there are risks that you need to consider to determine if pierced nipples are right for you. We provide you all the information to make that decision and determine if a nipple piercing is right for you. What [...]

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Long Distance Relationship Advice That Help You Beat the Distance

Short absences can keep a relationship fresh and exciting. That’s why people say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” But when you’re supposed to live far away from your special someone for months or even years, that gets a lot harder, doesn’t it? That’s when you’re living separate lives from each other, which [...]

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Brain During Orgasm

For decades, scientists have been sure that the brain plays an important role in achieving orgasm, but little was known about which parts of the brain were involved. They wondered, for instance, whether there was a unique “orgasm center” in the brain responsible for that wondrous point of climax (spoiler: there’s not). One of [...]

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