Stylish puppy and Mistress

Continuing the puppy theme with a particularly fashionable and posed pair. Typical BDSM dog hoods are heavy on the BDSM and less of the dog aspect. This is clearly shooting for a much more realistic look. Personally I find it drifts a little bit into uncanny valley territory, but I have to admire the attention to detail. This is Mistress dollbaby with Puppy G. Source:

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Weirdly disturbing

This was meant to be a continuation of the dog theme from my previous post. I was looking for a fun puppy themed femdom shot. And while it does continue the dog theme, I find it more weirdly disturbing than fun. Obviously punching and hitting are all fair game in a consensual BDSM scene. But punching or hitting dogs is horrible and evil. So maybe I’ve drunk too much wine tonight while cooking dinner, but this just seems kind of wrong. A rolled up newspaper might be OK, but a fist? No. Bad domme. This is Nikki Nefarious and Deviant Kade shooting for Inescapable Bondage. Source:

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