We Are the Average Couple in a Female Led Relationship

I’m Sam and my husband is Adrian and we have been married for nearly 5 years. We are one of the couples who participated in the FLR Couples survey and when we saw the results we had no idea how common certain details of our relationship were. After reading ConquerHim for about a year now,+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Focusing On Myself Helped Me Become a Goddess

I have known Alex since I was a child. We both grew up overseas and our parents worked together. We hung out as kids and his older brother is a good friend of mine. Alex is younger than me by 4.5 years. As we got older our paths separated and we both went away for+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Our FLR Contract Worked Wonders For Our Relationship

My guidance could and does impact my partner. Throughout our relationship, he has made so many positive improvements to his life through my direction. Prior to our relationship and me coming and taking the FLR role without knowing that was what I was doing, he didn’t have a lot of direction. Coming into his life, I made a lot of changes. To make a long story somewhat short we got custody of his son. This was something he was not going to push for. I think based on my direction and the guidance I had with seeing the condition his son was in, that he opened up his eyes to what was going on and worked to get custody. This was at the [...]