Level 1

Read This Daily To Begin Your Day.

If you are a male where your partner will not participate but you want to become more submissive to her, then read these out loud alone in a private place.

  1. Today I will obey and submit to my wife because I accept her as my loving disciplinarian in all life matters.
  2. Today I will look for ways to please my wife and make her life better.
  3. Today I will treat my wife with the utmost respect.
  4. Today I will surrender my will to my wife and accept any punishment she sees fit if I displease her.
  5. Today I will do at least 1 act of bodily service for my wife.
  6. Today I thank my wife for accepting my faults, and by helping me grow into a better person.
  7. Today I will do ALL chores my wife assigns me and thank her for the privilege.
  8. Today I will refrain from arguing with my wife, and instead kindly ask her to listen to my side of things and accept her final decision as law.
  9. Today I will refrain from masturbation as my sexual release is completely surrendered to my wife.
  10. Today I will be a better person than I was yesterday.

I will now accept my daily punishments for the goals I have not met by the deadlines.