I hope you are all doing well and avoiding the terrible virus that is going around. There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty, change, and unknown in the world right now. All these things create stress. It is times like these when we must support each other and help each other stay positive and relaxed.

In terms of your WLM, recognize that with this great uncertainty in the world you need to be flexible and supportive in your marriage, regardless of your position as sub or Domme. It is good to keep the WLM structure in place as structure helps keep things normal and reduces stress. However, if your partner is stressing out, it may be a time to relax that structure a bit. Stress can diminish the desire to be dominant and submissive.  If you are a dominant wife don’t be afraid to tell your husband you need his support over the next few weeks and that he needs to step it up without being told what to do. If you are a submissive guy, support your wife and be her protector; if you are feeling stressed, communicate that to your wife so she knows how you feel.

On the flip side, for many of us, the situation presents opportunities. If you are both home, the opportunity exists to spend more time together and dive into the kinkier side of your WLM. Perhaps new rules and rituals can be put in place during your time of isolation. A good discipline or spanking session can be a wonderful stress reliever for both husband and wife. Some of those small house projects that have been sitting around for awhile can be done (by your husband). For the first few days after I was told to say home from work, I was a stressing over what was going to happen with work and school for the kids and so I was in no mood for anything. However, once I got past the initial stress I was able to relax, accept the situation, and then start to discover some of the positives with the situation. My husband and I are fortunate enough to have jobs where we can work from home so we are spending more time together. Of course the kids are home all day too so we have to work around them but we have been able to spend more intimate time together. We’ve also enjoyed family time together taking bike rides outside and playing board games and card games together. My kids are teenagers so I am thankful for the moments I get to spend together with them because it won’t be long before they are out of the house for good.

Try not to stress over the things you can not control. Keep your eye on the future and know that this will soon pass. I hope you are all staying safe. For those of you who are health workers or public servants working on the “front lines,” thank you for what you do. You are heroes. My thoughts are with you.

-Mz Kaylee

Dealing With Uncertainty