Our Femdom Hypnosis Discretion Policy


When you purchase products from us, they are all labelled discreetly in abbreviated codes.  Your credit card statement or other means of payment will say either hypnosis payments, or hypnosis mp3s.   We believe strongly in the right to buy adult products online, and to remain discreet about it.  Then only reason we would ever breach this discretion policy is in the event of a credit card dispute.  If you dispute any charges, we will have to provide proof of your purchases, logins, and membership actions you have taken.  Please do not raise a dispute with us, it will cause problems for both parties.  We offer a 100% money back on virtually any purchase on our site anyways, EXCEPT custom hypnosis files because of the amount of work that goes into them.  Before raising a dispute, if you are unhappy in anyway, just contact us and we will either refund your purchase, or correct any access problems you are having.

We want this site to be a positive user experience for all our members and your confidentiality in your purchases is extremely important to us.  Keep it that way by contacting us with any problems so we can resolve them together.  We are proud to have very few refund requests due to the excellent quality of content provided to our paid members.


Sometimes in our training we will ask you to upload pictures or videos of yourself.  You will be given an opportunity to conceal your identity with hoods, masks, or by other means of not showing your face.  We do not EDIT photos given to us, so please be sure to upload only photos or videos that you are ok with going public.  You cannot change your mind later.  All photos and video submissions become our intellectual property once uploaded.  If there is no warning on the pages you are uploading from, you can assume that all pictures and videos will be made viewable by the public.  Keep that in mind when uploading these items.  In our training sometimes we ask that you do not conceal your identity, but usually this is for advanced trainees that are ready to reveal this side of themselves.  When we request these materials, it is still up to you to decide whether you wish to do it or not.  If you have uploaded images, or videos and have a change of heart, you must understand, that even if we take them down, this does not ensure that someone has not made a digital copy somewhere else.  This is the internet, and we cannot control the action of our users.  Please do not upload any pictures or videos REVEALING your identity even if we ask, unless you are prepared to have these items made available for the viewing public.


You will experience privacy, and discretion with any of your purchases and they will show up as hypnosis, or hypnosis club memberships.

Your real name will NEVER be revealed to anyone, and we will not sell your information to third parties for commercial gains.  Your email, and private information is secure with us.  For more information on our privacy policy, click here.