What is forced feminization?

Forced feminization is the the process in which a dominant woman participates in their men's fantasies, or actively pursues the long term goal of nurturing the feminine side of a man's personality, often in an exaggerated or hyper feminine manner.  This process is also known as sissification.  This fantasy exists in many men today, and it might surprise you to find that many of the men that have these fantasies are often high position executives that need a break from their "power" positions, and find it to be a form of escapism from their responsibilities of their everyday work or life. The forced feminization process can be achieved by dressing the male up in women clothes, and making them do things that are overtly female.   This process can be performed with a woman's help, and also by a man by himself.  There are many tools to help the initial thought process to make this more acceptable to both the participating women, or men.  Among the most common tool to force feminize a man is forced feminization hypnosis.

Why do people participate in forced feminization?

We are living in a time where people are becoming more accepting of not traditional male and female role models.  Being gay or lesbian is not the taboo thing it once was, and our society, be it slowly, is becoming less judgemental on what other peoples sexual preferences is. Many women that participate in helping feminize a man arrived there from one of two ways.
  1.  She was born with a desire to dress men in womens clothes and is exercising her right to participate in these activities.
  2.  A man has introduced this to her, and she is open enough to explore his fantasies with him without judgement.

Real life forced feminized couple

Men and women alike that are closed minded about this process often fear that doing so means that the male is gay or bisexual.  Even if this was true (which it is not), in this day and age, it is simply not something that we should fear, or embrace.  It is simply a fantasy exercised by people by their own choice.  The "forced" part is simply part of the fantasy for either the men or women that participate in this. Some women that participate in this, get in touch with the more masculine side of themselves which is helpful in many other areas in their lives that not sexually focused.  For men, it is mostly an escape from their burdens and a way to have release tension and stress.  It also has an unintended benefit of the male, in which the male becomes more accepting of other peoples sexual preferences.  It is hard for a man to judge others while wearing a dress.  It also softens the male when he is in that role to allow himself to be more free than his traditional life is. The reversal in role play can be quite stimulating for females as they use strap ons to penetrate their men.  The power rush it can give a woman is sometimes very liberating for them.  Others might try it and not like it.  In the bdsm world, it can be referred to "topping" her submissive male.  For the man, it can bring about feelings of submissiveness that are so out of character for his normal life, it can be like discovering a "guilty" pleasure. Whatever reason you might find yourself participating in forced feminization, you should know that there is no right or wrong in this activity.  Only what feels good and what doesn't.  Often people that would have never thought they would participate in this, become the biggest advocates because of the freedom they found in this activity.  Only by thorough discussion with your partner can you reach a level of honesty about who you are, or who you can become.  It is the most sexually liberated people that are less judgemental of others that often find themselves in forced feminization role play.  There is one thing for sure.  You will learn a lot about yourself with the discussion before, after, and during the forced feminization process.  Open minded people try new things, and close minded people don't . Which one are you?

Should I be worried?

If your man has told you this recently, and you are going online to "research" this, you might find things that will scare the living bejeezus out of you.  But relax, take a deep breath, and remember why you fell in love with him in the first place.  All those qualities of your man are still there, he is either trying to be honest with you about fantasies he may have repressed due to upbringing, or simply trying to do something new to spice up the bedroom. Let's face it, for monogamous relationships, after many years in a marriage, the bedroom probably could use a little spice.  It might not be what you were thinking, but then again, it might be EXACTLY what you needed. If you are a man, and your woman has brought this to you as a fantasy you should thank your lucky stars, because generally speaking, men are more open to exploring different things sexually than women are. (Not the golden rule).  It doesn't mean you should dive right in, but you know who you are.  Being dressed as a woman or having your ass fucked in the same manner in which you wish to fuck her doesn't mean your gay.  You either like women, men and women, or men.  Its simple.  Participating in an role play fantasy does not change who you are.  Its an activity, not a declaration of who you are. In any case, if you are worried, you should look at your own insecurities first before you go off on your lover. This goes for men and women. It is only through open discussing, and asking questions that we can truly learn about your partner and why they might want to do this, and if their motives seem genuine enough for you to give it a whirl. We only live once, and if your partner is having a fantasy, whether it is a woman or a man, don't you think as their partner you should at least give it a try.   How can anyone know if they like something without trying it.  Did you accept it the first time your kids tried broccoli or some other vegetable they swore they would hate forever? Maybe some videos of actual couples doing it might help you make your mind up.

Benefits of Forced Feminization

No matter what you think about forced feminization there are clearly benefits for both the female and male regardless of your feelings about it. In a relationship where people ACTIVELY take on this role in the privacy of their own homes, or even in public, there are some clear benefits.

Benefits For Women

Forced Feminized Sissy Maid

Do you remember how your husband wouldn't help you with the housecleaning, dishes, cooking, and chores.  Well, get rid of the kids, dress him up as a sissy maid, and have him clean your house.  Yield a paddle or strap, and play dominant sissy trainer for the day, and see if that doesn't excite you.  Your man will do anything for you when he is in "forced fem" mode.  He will listen to every word you say.  He will not argue.  Being a woman for the moment takes a mans mentality into a deeply submissive state that is much like a drug.    Being a chastised sissy where you deny him orgasms, and tease him and play with him a lot in this state, will gradually turn over all big decisions in your household to you. You will wear the pants in the family.  You will have the dick in the family, and the more you use it, the more you will see your man bend to your will. If you think this is permanent for your man, well, it can be, or it can't be.  This is up to the both of you.  However, whenever he is this state of mind, you will feel a rush of power, dominance, and confidence that most women would dream to have but they were too closed minded and rejected their husbands when they brought it up. You will feel more connected especially after the conversations you will have after these "forced feminization" experiences.  The conversations that ensue often bring couples closer together.  I personally, have seen this save marriages, stop men from cheating, create harmony in the household, and allow a woman to feel respected, loved, and adored more than ever before.

Benefits for Men

You will be able to temporarily let go of all responsibility.  All thought.  Your only task is to listen and obey.  This is a deep sense of relief for men that are in power positions or hold tremendous responsibility in their daily affairs.  It is a form of escapism.  You will experience the most intense orgasms of your life, if you are anally penetrated while your orgasm occurs.  This is known as a prostate orgasm, and gay men have known for years, that an orgasm while being penetrated is more powerful, more intense, and lasts longer. You will also experience greater harmony in your household as your wife assumes a more authoritative role.  Again this is not the golden rule, but it is quite common that a woman will run a better household than a man.  When you relinquish control in the bedroom as a submissive sissy, you will learn to let go outside of the bedroom and realize that your wife is quite possibly smarter than you in the way in which she wants to run the household.  Giving in for the authoritative male is a rush that all men in power positions should feel, if not at least once in their lives.  Not likely, that once would work though.

Concerns about forced feminization

Like an other addictive behaviour, it is quite possible to become addicted to this way of life. There is such a blissful feeling and connection with each other, that this is something that both men and women can become addicted too.  But like anything else, we are an addicted society.  We watch too much tv, eat too much bad food, drink too much, or participate in drug use that is not good for us. Self regulation is needed in this activity as much as it is needed in all other areas of your life.  It is not the activity itself that is addictive.  It is our own need to feel more, be more, do more that we have to keep in check. If you wish to participate in this, be mindful of what you are doing.  Create guidelines, boundaries, and know your limits and respect each others limits. In the 30's, there was prohibition.  Did we learn that alcohol is bad?  No.  We learned that we should govern ourselves with alcohol.  Some have, and some don't.  It is not the activity, drug, alcohol, or other addictive substance or activity that is the problem.  It is our own self regulation.  If you are in control of your life, then you should expect that this would continue, and all the great things about forced feminization role play or reality is yours to enjoy.  You should strive to try new things, and as always, you should be safe, and regulate your own behaviour. If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend our level 4 files for men and women.  If they get you excited, then it is likely you should give this a whirl.  Keep safe, and have fun!!