When it comes to orgasm control, most people focus on orgasm denial. However, giving permission to orgasm is a very important aspect of orgasm control. It is exciting for the both the guy and the woman when he asks for permission to orgasm and she says ‘yes,’ and he immediately explodes into orgasm. Her “Yes,” gives him instant pleasure and fills him with gratitude toward her for allowing the pleasure. That is powerful. It is even more powerful when she commands him to cum and he releases immediately. There are many fun ways to send him into the bliss of orgasm.

Just say Yes! The approach that I use most often, which is not very often since my husband does not get many orgasms :), is to simply say ‘Yes’ when he is on edge and begging. Then the flood gates open and it’s instant orgasm! Sometimes before he starts to beg I will tell him he can orgasm. This usually surprises him. One time he even asked “really?” I guess he wanted to make sure he heard me right. Once given permission, it only took a few seconds for him to erupt.

Command him to cum! If I want to revel in my power over him, then I will command him to cum. It is fun to tease him and then suddenly order “cum for me now slave!” He never disappoints and obeys immediately. I add a “good boy,” as I pump him dry. Notice I add the words “for me.” The two words are impactful and make it clear that he is having an orgasm because I want him to. The “good boy” emphasizes my approval of his obedience. Those words add to his overall submissive experience.

5-4-3-2-1! A count down is another fun way to get him to orgasm. 10 is a good number to start at but you can make the count down as long or as short as you want. It is fascinating at how much a count down affects a person’s emotions. As the count down gets closer to 0, the excitement builds and builds knowing that an exciting event is going to occur. Think about how you feel when watching a New Year’s count down. At 3, your body tenses, ready to explode with cheers, at 2 the cheers are starting to formulate in your mind at at 1 there’s no stopping the cheer from bursting out. Translate that to an orgasm count down and you get a guy whose arousal grows exponentially during the count down. By the time you reach 1, he is sure to cum exactly when you command. 

A steady count down is fun in itself, as you can watch the excitement grow during the countdown. There are many variations you can experiment with to add more fun. Varying the pace of the countdown is a great mind game for him. Starting off with a steady countdown and then switching  to a much slower pace will make him struggle to hold back his orgasm. Be forewarned that if you suddenly slow the pace in the last few numbers, you have a high risk of a premature orgasm as his mind and body may already be in release mode. On the other hand it is a good test of his will power and can be thrilling to watch him tense his body and try to hold back with all his might until you finally reach 1 and give the command. You could also do the opposite and speed up the pace at the end. I don’t think any guy will have trouble adjusting to the faster pace and exploding on command. Restarting the count down before you get to 1 is another fun option.

When I’ve done the count down approach, I’ve stroked his cock while counting. I tend to just naturally stroke in rhythm with the count down, speeding up and slowing down my strokes accordingly. Sometime I will even verbally tease him in between numbers, either telling him how weak he is or building up his anticipation by telling he is getting closer to his orgasm…”only a few more numbers….get ready to cum….”

You could also make him stroke himself while you do the count down or you could do the count down during intercourse and time it so that you orgasm together. It would be interesting to try to bring him to orgasm by first taking him right to the edge and then starting the count down and not stroking his cock at all. What do you think, will he still cum at 0? Finally, if you are feeling a little cruel, then you can stop stroking when you command him to cum and just watch as he experiences a ruined orgasm

Orgasm on cue! Setting a cue that initiates his orgasm can be fun. Let him know what the cue is in advance and then let the teasing begin! He will desperately be waiting for the cue, ready to explode the instant it happens. Try these ideas:

  • When you orgasm starts (or ends) his can start
  • Stroke his cock and when you squeeze his balls he can orgasm
  • A kiss from you initiates his orgasm
  • Listen to music or watch a movie while you tease him and when a certain word is said or a specific action occurs, such as an explosion or gun shot, he can cum. You can have fun with this if you plan in advance and know when the cue is going to occur. You can really build up his pleasure right up to the cue moment and even command him to cum when the cue occurs.
  • Order him to drink your golden juices while he strokes himself and he can cum after he consumes the very last drop.
Final Thoughts
Remember, that orgasm control is about both denial and giving permission to cum. Both are powerful signals to him that you are in control of him and both deepen his submission and obedience to you. Most people who incorporate orgasm control into their daily life, fall into a regular routine of denial and control and that is a good thing as it is a extremely effective tool for managing the guy. However, WLM/FLR is also about having fun and adding spice to the relationship. A great way to do that is to change the orgasm control routine every now. I encourage you to give the ideas above a try. You can even use a few of the ideas together. For example, a count down and a command to cum go great together!  Enjoy and be sure to comment and let me know how it goes or if you have other ideas.
-Mz Kaylee

Fun With Orgasm Control-Giving Permission to Orgasm

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