Just a reminder that you are welcome to submit a post to be published on this blog. The idea of a “Think Tank” is for people to share and discuss ideas, thoughts and opinions. That is what I want this blog to be in the context of a Wife Led Marriage (WLM) or Female Led Relationship (FLR). It is also enjoyable and helpful to hear real life experiences. A short post about a fun experience is a fantastic read and often inspires others to toward the lifestyle.

You are welcome to write on a topic or opinion of your choice. A few areas that I do not have experience with and would love to hear from others are chastity devices and strap-on play. You can write about an experience, how it makes you feel, why you do it/want to do it, advice to others, benefits of the activity, etc. Opinion topics (Why WLM is good, why are men submissive, etc.) are also good reads. Finally, please keep your post more “Informative” or “academic” and less focused on expicit sex (This is not a porn site).

Below are guidelines for writing and submitting a post. Also, don’t forget you can submit a profile (see my 4/2 post on how to submit a profile). HAPPY WRITING!

  • Send to MzKaylee101@gmail.com 
  • Write it in a format that  I can publish on the blog; include a title and your name at the bottom. Your are welcome to publish it under a fake name so that you remain anonymous.  Just let me know what name to use. Do not write your post as a letter to me.
  • Run spell check before sending
  • Any topic that supports WLM/FLR is welcome. I will not publish posts that criticize or talk negatively about WLM/FLR. My blog is not intended to be a debate on FLR. However, posts that discuss frustrations or challenges within the FLR are encouraged as these will lead to good discussions that we can all learn from.
  • Things that make a good post:
    • Stick to just a few key points or themes in your post. Too many topics and you can confuse readers and dilute the message your are trying to convey. You are welcome to submit multiple posts so don’t feel you have to cover everything in one post
    • Provide specific examples. This helps people relate to the concepts your are writing about
    • Different things you can write about on your topic: Why is it important to you, how did you get started in it, how does it benefit (or not benefit) your relationship, what is the emotional impact to the relationship, and advice to readers. Feel free to pose questions to readers.

Guest Posts