1. Stroke and Tease His Cock While You Talk About Creampie Eating


Training your cuckold to do anything, including cleaning another man’s cum from your pussy, is all about planting ideas in his head when he’s aroused. A man will agree to almost anything when he’s horny, so play with your cuckold’s cock and whisper into his ear about how hot it would be if he were to clean you out after your boyfriend has injected his seed into your body. Tell him how much it would turn you on – a good cuckold is willing to do anything for his wife it makes her happy – and bring him right to the edge of orgasm. If you let him cum, make sure you don’t bring up creampie eating after his orgasm. He needs to be horny before you bring it up.

2. Make Him Worship Your Pussy As Often As Possible


If your cuckold is not already worshipping your pussy on a regular basis, it’s time for him to start. He should not be allowed to cum while he’s pleasuring you. It’s not about his enjoyment; it’s about yours. If he can’t keep his hands off his penis then you need to put him in chastity to keep him under control. While he worships your pussy, your job is to reinforce the idea that creampie cleanup turns you on. Tell him how hot it would be if he was licking your boyfriend’s cum out of you. Tell him you’d orgasm like never before if he made that sacrifice for you.

3. Make Him Lick You after Protected Sex with a Boyfriend


Have your cuckold tend to your pussy after you’ve been on a date where you had protected sex or he pulled out before cumming. He needs to get used to the idea of going down on you shortly after another man’s been inside you. Taunt him with that fact. Make sure he knows that you were well-fucked by your boyfriend’s big cock and that a cuckold’s duty is to lick his wife’s pussy after she’s done with her man. Once again, remind that him that it would turn you on immensely if he was to eat another man’s cum from you. Once again, he is not allowed to masturbate or cum while he’s pleasuring you.

4. Make Him Clean Your Pussy After You’ve Come Home From a Date


By now you should be having unprotected sex with your boyfriend and he should be cumming inside you. Your cuckold will get his first taste of creampie cleanup after a date, but it’s going to be a few hours after the deed. That way, most of the cum will have leaked out or been absorbed into your body, leaving behind just a hint of your mixed juices. Your cum cleaning cuckold will be able to taste the salty flavor of his seed without having to deal with the thick texture and the humiliating sight of another man’s cum leaking from his wife’s pussy. It’s extremely important that you enjoy your cuckold’s tongue as he does his duty. He needs to know that he want him cleaning semen from your well-fucked cunt so make sure you reinforce that idea. Put your hand in his hair, pull him tight against your crotch, and tell him what a good cunt cleaner he is.

5. Make Him Lick a Fresh Creampie from Your Pussy


Repeat step four as many times as you like. Your cuckold will be in a special place of arousal as he services your pussy after your boyfriend has made you cum. When you feel he’s ready, invite your BF over for a session where your cuckold gets to watch or where he comes into the bedroom right after you’ve been filled with seed. Now he must fulfill a cuckold’s true duty and clean your cum-filled pussy just moments after it’s happened. He’ll see the thick load dripping out of you and his mouth will water as his cock gets hard. He’ll probably hesitate because his male programming tells him he should. If you need to send your boyfriend out of the room for cucky to be comfortable, do so. Eventually he can stay and watch your husband’s humiliation but he might have to go for the first time. You don’t necessarily have to cum this time, especially since you’ve just been fucked and have presumably had an orgasm. By now your husband should realize his place is to clean your pussy of another man’s cum without complaint. It’s still good to encourage him though.

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