For Free Members

After you register, you will receive 2 confirmation emails.  You must click on both to access your full training.  If you use a spam trap email your account may not work.  Our email training is one of the things our members love the most.  Getting regular emails on telling you what to do, what video to watch, what affirmations to say, and other genuine useful training tips.  If you do not click on the confirmation links inside these emails

  1.  Your account will be deleted after 15 days of non confirmation.
  2. You will not get access to the free files inside the members area.

After you have confirmed your membership, just login and you will be directed to your selected training page.  Follow the steps on that training page, and please note that there will be some popups on that page.  They are simply offers that you can choose to upgrade, or not.

Login everyday to read the affirmations as you listen along to the affirmations file.  Be sure to listen to the hypnosis file every night at bedtime to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Once you are logged in you can visit the free files page here:

You can visit the individual product pages, and on a lot of them, you can stream them right from the product listing page.

For the files that do not have the streaming file in them, add to cart and complete the checkout process.  You will not be charged for anything.  It asks for a credit card, or paypal only so that if you do choose any of the available upgrades with that free file, you can get them.  If you choose nothing, you will not be charged.  We do not store the card numbers and they are deleted when you end your purchase session.

For Gold Members

You will be directed to a members home page that looks like this.  You will have access to all training modules and files on the site.

Gold Members Downloads


All of your download files are on the actual product pages.  As a logged in Gold Member just click on the product and scroll down to the heading Gold Members Access to listen to your files streaming.  If you wish to download to your device, visit the Product Combo Pages to download the set in a zip folder that you can extract onto your device.

Train By Modules

Male Submissive Module
Female Dominance Module
Sissy Training Module
Husband Training Module
Chastity Training Module
Anal Training Module
Cuckold Training Module

Or you can train by levels for Men, Women, or Sissies

Train By Levels

For Men

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

For Women

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

For Sissies

For Sissies & Their Masters

On any product page you visit as a logged in member, the file is there for instant streaming.

Or if you prefer to download to your device, simply choose the product combo pages to download all files pertaining to subject matter directly onto your iphone, android, pc, or mac.

Other than that, be sure to open every email, because there are training tips, bonuses, and instructions on what to do next all included in your free or gold membership!

Have an aweseome time training!!







Serve, Obey and Lick.

Lara M