Used on a husband just starting

[usersultra_protect_content display_rule=’logged_in_based’ custom_message_loggedin=’Only Logged in users can see the rest of this page. Login to the right, or Register to gain access.’]to participate in a female led relationship lifestyle that has reservations and is really only in it for the sex.  Start with his level 1 affirmations first here.

After he has received 10 strikes to his bottom for those affirmations, you read these ones and strike him each time after you recite yours.  This will be for a total of 20 strikes to start each day with.  To start with obedience training, you must demand for him to thank you for each strike after you strike his bottom in all levels of affirmations you are reciting.

  1. Your are happiest when you obey me.
  2. You are hornier when you obey me.
  3. You function better as a male when you obey me.
  4. You are a healthier male when you obey me.
  5. Your friends will appreciate you more when you obey me.
  6. Your love for me grows when you obey me.
  7. You will live longer when you obey me.
  8. Your income will increase when you obey me.
  9. Your stress will lessen when you obey me.
  10. Your sense of purpose is heightened when you obey me.