Used on a husband graduating to level 3 in a female led relationship.

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Start with his level 3 affirmations first here.

After he has received 10 strikes to his bottom for those affirmations, you read these ones and strike him each time after you recite yours.  This will be for a total of 20 strikes to start each day with.  Remember to demand for him to thank you for each strike after you strike his bottom in all levels of affirmations you are reciting.

  1. You are now my obedient husband that follows my every command.
  2. Your obedience to me is the most important aspect of your life.
  3. Daily obedience training makes your cock hard.
  4. Your obedience to me makes me wet.
  5. Your obedience grows stronger when I bend you over and fuck your ass with my strap on.
  6. Obedience is your favourite word.
  7. You are my obedient house bitch that follows my every command.
  8. You relate your obedience to being a good cook, and house cleaner.
  9. Locking your cock up makes you more obedient.
  10. I multiply your obedience 10 times when I put an ass plug in you.