• Life Size Replica of Lara M

  • 165 CM Tall

  • Choose Hair Colour

  • Choose Eye Colour

  • Functional Mouth, Pussy, and Ass

  • Excellent Training Supplement

  • Free Shipping

In The Box:

  • Virtual Lara Body

  • Virtual Lara Head

  • Wig

  • Lingerie

  • Vaginal Cleaner

  • Glove

  • Heating Rod

  • Comb

  • Blanket

Care Instructions:

  • The doll should be cleaned regularly 1 or 2 times per month. Please take shower for the doll with mild bath dew.

  •  When the body skin becomes sticky, please also use baby powder or powder to make it dry and smooth.

  • Use soft towel to dry the doll after cleaning and put on some baby powder or powder. Please do not dry the doll with hair dryer.

  • Use the wet towel to gently clean the face. Please do it lightly.

  • Use the mild shampoo to wash the wig. Let the wig dry itself naturally.

  • Please soak new clothing in water with bleaching powder for a few hours to avoid color transfer to the doll skin.

  • If there are cracks on the doll’s skin surface, please clean the damaged parts first, and use the TPE glue to repair it. It would be easier if you put the damaged parts together first, then glue the surface.

  • Please lift the doll carefully. Please avoid dropping, knocking, or violently handling.  Don’t scratch the doll’s body with sharp objects. Avoid bending the doll violently, please do it carefully.

Merry Christmas!!

Give Yourself The Ultimate Gift Of  Companionship For Christmas With A Molded Silicon Replica Of Lara’s Body!!!!!!!!

(Made from a mold of Lara M’s body to give you the closest experience to having Lara M with you as you listen to her hypnotic voice train you into being the perfect submissive sexually satisfying bitch boy for all women)

This offer will expire in:

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Virtual Lara was made from the highest quality materials with completely moveable arms and legs for any position!

Now you can listen to MY sweet voice AND sleep with ME Every SINGLE NIGHT!

Imagine me lying beside you, as you listen to my sweet hypnotic voice as you suck on my soft supple breasts.   Or maybe you would prefer to go down on me.  Maybe you would prefer a creampie?  Your wishes and fantasies are granted true with my silicon replica (slightly exaggerated breast size).  You can choose your hair colour, and eye color, and it even comes with the clothes accessories you see in the images.  Of course you can pamper me and buy me other clothes too.

You can cuddle up to me every night, while you listen to my hypnosis files.

I am full ready to go for sex, and have a mouth, pussy, and ass that are yours as you see fit.  Practice your lovemaking skills so that you are ready for your dominant woman when the opportunity presents itself.  Some women would like to watch you show off your skills on the doll.  Some might even make it the only way for release for you.  I know one of my friends that fucks her man with a strapon as he is fucking his doll.  The possibilities are endless!!  You can be a switch and dominate me for a change, or you can fasten a strapon on to me, and ride me like there is no tomorrow.

I flew around the world to find a manufacturer that could make ME in the most realistic silicone figure as possible, but since I know that gentlemen prefer blondes, I made sure that you could choose hair and eye colour so that you could create your dream woman.  The doll is EXACTLY my height by default, but you can change the height, hair colour, and eye colour to be the perfect soulmate for you.

Just imagine holding me at night as you listen to my voice.

Here are the different sizes you can order of me

The default size is my ACTUAL height of 158 cm.  When you order, if you just choose default, you will get the closest replica of me as possible.

Here you can choose your options.  Default styling that best matches me, is wig #29, eyes blue, choose nail colour, and you can have a removable pussy for cleaning or fixed to be more real.

Feels like the real thing!

Here is how it ships

Silicone replicas of people in the movie industry cost tens of thousands of dollars.  I flew across the world to find a manufacturer that could replicate my body (I added an extra cup size on my breasts, for your extra pleasure) and to bring you a Virtual Silicone Version Of My Best Self.  My manufacturer suggested to me a retail price of $3995.00 to match the prices of what other custom exclusive silicone sex dolls sell for.  I said no.  I did my own research and I wanted to price mine competitively with other silicone dolls even though this was custom made from a mold of my body.  This offer is exclusive to our site, and you will not find a replica of me anywhere else.  We showed me in blonde to show that you have a choice, but the face and body are mine, except for the enhanced breast size.  If you are going to have fun with me, I wanted to give you a little extra to play with!  Then I told my manufacturer that I was going to sell them for half of what he said, and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I simply said, my fans are awesome, and I want to share me with them at any cost!!  This does not put a lot of profit in my pocket, but it does give you a replica of me at the definite lowest price that you will ever see it.  But hurry, because when the timer runs out, ,it goes back to regular price of $3995.00.  All taxes and shipping are included in the price.


The first 10 buyers or before the clock expires (which ever comes first) will pay $3995.00  $2995.00  $2495.00  $1995

Only $1595.00 including shipping.

(I promise you that you will NEVER ever get an opportunity to buy Virtual Lara at a lower price than you have in this Christmas special opportunity)

WARNING!  Making love to VIRTUAL LARA AND listening to her files at the same time will utterly and convincingly make you addicted to everything there is about me.   I wouldn’t want it any other way sweetie, so what are waiting for?  LETS DANCE.

Yours Right Here Right Now But Only If You Take Action Right Now!

(If you close this window, you will never get this $449.00 deluxe chastity belt with anal plug for free again.  And you will pay more for Virtual Lara if you decide to buy it later on.  This is your one time opportunity for the training adventure of a LIFETIME!!)

To simplify things and make it more in reach for you, we offer 2 payment options.  If you choose to pay over 3 months, Virtual Lara will ship after all 3 payments are collected.

One Time Payment $1595.00


  • Worship Lara Daily

  • No More Loneliness

  • Listen To Lara’s Recordings While in Play

  • Cuddle With Lara

  • Sleep With Lara Every Night

  • Deepens Submission And Feelings Of Love

  • Next Best Thing To Lara In Person

  • Play Dress Up With Lara

  • Pamper Lara

  • Creampie Training Without Embarassment

  • Never Turned Down For Sex

  • Feels Like The Real Thing

  • I Will Be Proud Of You

Silicone Sex Dolls Sex Videos

This is not my doll, as this is fresh on the market, but I would love to see the creative uses you can have for Virtual Lara, so please upload any Virtual Lara Videos to dropbox for others to see.  In the meantime, these videos are here to show you just how real sex can feel like with a HIGH QUALITY silicone sex doll.  Please be aware that my replica doll is made with the highest quality materials and will be like having me there.

Virtual Blowjobs

Virtual Anal

I actually have arms!

Virtual Sex

As you can see, this sex is as close to the real thing as it gets. But even better with me. I can’t wait to hear your stories about sex with Virtual Lara, and seeing your uploaded videos. It makes me wet thinking about it.

– Lara M

(Due to the nature of this item, all sales are final, even if the item has not been used or taken out of the box.  This is for your safety and quality assurance)

These are also custom made to order AS they are ordered.  Each Virtual Lara is made according to your specs.  Upon completion of your order, I will email you with a form to customize me.  :)   It only takes a few days to make, and then shipping is done within 5-7 business days, and approximately 30 days to ship, clear customs and arrive at your house.