About Lara M

I am a lifestyle Domme that lives the lifestyle 24/7.

It all started when I was a child.  I am not sure why or how it happened, but I remember at an age of puberty feeling very strong urges to feminize boys.  It started with my brother by making him dress up in girls clothes.  I remember the feelings I got, and although I didn’t know it at the time, it really turned me on.

As I go older, I got a lot of attention from boys.

I remember feeling like I had power over them, because they constantly gave me their undivided attention even though I was not asking for it.  Soon I learned that I could make ridiculous requests and most of the boys would comply.  I made boys strip in front of me long before I lost my virginity, just because I could.

It was fun to watch them stammer as I asked them to take their clothes off in the basement of my home with no one around.  They were shy and insecure boys, but yet when I asked them to do this, they mostly did.  The ones that didn’t never returned to my home.  The ones that did, I made games of their nudity and had them come back often.  My parents always thought it was strange that I had so many boyfriends and very few girlfriends, but I had learned early of my persuasion and always made my parents feel comfortable that nothing was going on.  Of course it was though.

I became very sexually excited when boys listened to me and did what I asked.

I grew up and went to college to become a legal secretary and worked in the profession for a few years before I met my first serious boyfriend.  We were very hot for each other and one day he asked me to peg him.  I didn’t even know what it meant but when he told me, I was all over it.  Not only did I peg him, but it brought back my feelings of my idea of playtime when I was much younger.  I slowly feminized him.  There was no much fun in dressing him up and then making him my wife.  He served me as a sissy maid for a few years before he realized that he was more interested in men than women, and we parted ways as friends.

From there, I realized that I had some true skills and quit my job to become a full time dominatrix.

I fooled around with that for a few years, and made enough money to buy a house, and start living the life of my dreams.  I had my own website that I no longer have now, when a marketer found me and told me he could help me make money without being a dominatrix. I liked the idea, because I was growing tired of my clientele and did not enjoy doing that anymore.  I wanted to be in a relationship and being a dominatrix was not helping me.  So I became a hypnosis-domme, and I have never looked back.  I love what I do, and now I am living my perfect life.

My boyfriend allows me to play with other men, and I rarely take him up on it, because he fulfills my dominant role in the bedroom, and becomes the man I need him to be when I tell him too.  For the most part, he is my submissive boyfriend that caters to my every need.  Sometimes, I want to exercise my dominance by making him suck cock from a lover I pickup when I see fit.  I love my life and so does he.  This lifestyle might not be for everyone, and not everyone has to be feminized and forced bi like I like to do.  The femdom relationship has many different levels, and I have created files for each of these levels so that people can participate in this lifestyle at a level that is comfortable for them.

I hope you find what you are looking for, and I would be happy to help you attain your goals.

SERVE, OBEY AND LICK the women in your lives, especially when instructed to do so.

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