Congratulations…. Meet Rosanna.  Our Newest Femdomme Hypnotist

Hi, my name is Rosanna.  I have been an active member of the site since March, 2018.  My interest evolved so much to the point that I now consider myself a dominant woman.  I have converted my man to a submissive male through the teachings of this site.  I am a professional dancer/stripper and work in a large City that I will leave unmentioned to protect myself while I am at work.  My profession does lean to attracting some creeps.  I certainly would not expect you to be a creep as a submissive, nonetheless, I would prefer to keep my location a secret.  However, here are a few pictures I was asked to submit so that you would know the face and body behind my recordings.

Rosanna Photo Shoot

“Since my training as a domme on this site began a few years ago, I have completely converted my husband to a submissive man that obeys my every word”

Who is Rosanna?

I am professional dancer that you might have even crossed paths with in the city in which perform.  My interest in femdom peaked when I met Lara when I was stripping in Vancouver, BC.  Lara is well connected in the adult industry, and frequents stripper bars out of her interest in beautiful women.  Yes, Lara and I have played together.  I might as well mention that I am bisexual, and find Lara to be one of the sexiest women I have ever met.  Yet she keeps such a low profile and doesn’t post much pictures of herself.  She is a very private person, and has influenced me to be the same way based on some of the stories she has told me AFTER she became the primary hypnotist on

There is so much fun in having men grovel at my feet, and now my husband accepts other men flirting with me.  I have not taken it any further than that, because I have no interest in turning my man into my cuckold.  At least not yet.  He has a nice “member” and he satisfies me sexually in the bedroom in every way.   Now even more, with my training him to turn me on, just the way I like it.

“So my interest in helping other men and women achieve the same kind of connection with each other became so strong, I had to reach out to Lara once again”

I asked Lara, if there was anything I could do to help out on the site, and she told me that she was planning on moving, and the site needed to hire more hypno dommes.  There will be many more of us being added to the site as Lara continues recruiting.  She has become friends with the owners of the site and is invested not only in time, but in partnership to the development of training personnel for

I told her, I had no formal training in hypnotism, but she assured me, it was easy once you had your studio set up.  So she invested her time in helping me get the right equipment, and through countless Skype sessions, she has schooled me in the art of erotic hypnosis.  I hope you like what you hear.  More importantly, I hope you will be a good boy and order my custom personalized training.  You need to be a good boy for your wife or girlfriend too you know.  This is a worldwide change we are trying to do, and we will all be better off, if our men just shut up, nodded their heads, and said yes ma’am, and went about following our orders like a good boy should.

“You must agree, otherwise you would not be on this site”

You have heard the expression a happy wife is a happy life.  Well boys, its true.  I have never been happier, and neither has my husband.  We have a level of intimacy that we have not had in a few years.  This really peaked my interest in helping others achieve this lifestyle.  I also had no idea how many men were really wanting to be owned, or dominated by their wives.  Now I completely understand why it feels so good for both of us.  And this my fine little slutty boy toy, is exactly where you come in.  You must bring out the domme in your wife, by FIRST becoming a submissive, obedient boy toy that lives to please her and that is your only mission in life.

Right now, my husband is cooking me dinner as I am writing this.

After he prepares me a wonderful dinner, he will ask me to sit down in the living room, and he will pour me a glass of my favorite chardonnay as I continue to work on my laptop explaining our life together.  He will then proceed to do the cleanup in the kitchen like a good man wife should.  Thats right, I said man wife.  Because in this house, I wear the pants, and he wears the panties.  This was one of the first thing that really got me wet.  The pretty pink panties mantra that Lara has been teaching men and women for years.  So, right now, he is in the kitchen stripped down to his pink thong panties, working hard at making “my place” clean and tidy.  When he is done, I will instruct him to come to me, and get on his knees.  I will then spread my legs and tell him to please me.

What a life!!  Would you trade this life for anything after you have a taste?

Whether you are a man trying to learn to be better for your wife, or a woman wanting to learn how to train your man, I can honestly say that either of you will be happy once the woman is completely in control of the household.

You know, this has been coming for a very long time.  I grew up with a submissive dad.  I didn’t really think about it at the time, but looking back, I know my mother was in charge of the household.  He always said yes dear, and always, absolutely always obeyed her final decision in almost everything.  I doubt my dad was taking strap on up his ass, and I don’t really want to think about that, but it would not surprise me.  All I know is that they are still together after 40 years of marriage and are still completely in love.  I want the same thing.  But I figured out soon in my marriage that something had to change, otherwise we were headed for divorce.  So I googled how to train your husband to be obedient, and found this site.  I am so very grateful for that day.  It has completely changed my life.   Your life can change too.

Here is a sample of my voice that will mold you into the submissive man that you absolutely need to be.

Here is why you want custom training with me:

  • I took this training and changed my life so I know it could change yours.

  •  You will reap the same rewards I have if you are a woman, and the same as my husbands If you are a man

  • I will honour the same price that Lara once offered, but has decided is no longer interested at that price.  If Lara comes back, be prepared to pay $997.00 for custom hypnosis.  She has earned her right at the top of the femdommes in the industry, so this is what you will have to pay the next time she comes around.

  • This price will be for a very limited time. There is a lot more work to this than one would think, and I am only offering it at this price until I have enough trainees to really show off my work.

This is the ultimate PERSONAL ONE ON ONE femdom training experience.  There is nothing like it on the market out there.

 Regularly $597.00 ONE TIME PAYMENT

New Trainer Special  $297.00

Regular Price $597.00 and soon it will be going to this.  If you take us up on this offer now, you will have your personal training files at a reduced rate, and delivered in the next 14 days.

Listen, I know that this might seem like a lot of money, but its a bargain for the results, fun, and new relationship dynamics you will achieve by being trained by me.   Be a good submissive and honor me by showing me that you appreciate my offering of personal time for your case.  If I care enough to carve out a few hours of my time making these files for you, you should show me how obedient you can be by ordering this right now.  This is already a pleasing act of servitude that will go noticed.  Who knows?  Maybe you will see me at Chucks Coffee Shop down by the beach one day.   

Unfortunately, I will not offer a 100% money back guarantee, and 100% of the proceeds of this transaction go to me directly. I cannot get back my time invested in your case, and since we cannot sell these files to anyone else, there is no way to recoup my time.  However, you already know you love the general training on this site, so we are 100% positive you will be ecstatic with my personal one on one training.  I wanted to offer some personal one on one training, and honestly, everything I have ever done has let me right here.  Right now!

Regular Price $597.00 $497.00 $397.00

Limited Time Special Only $297.00


But wait, that is not all you get…

If you act RIGHT NOW, you will get EXCLUSIVE invitations to participate in LIVE training events conducted in various cities across North America.  Your city could be next!!

Listen.  Lara could raise this price on us at anytime.  Especially if our trainees do not please her.  She may even double the price on us.  Please get this while Lisa allows us to give this to you at this low of a price.  I promise you will not regret it.  She turned my wife  from a 5.0 ft nothing timid woman, into a confident, sexy, dominant woman, that not only dominates me, but has become a dynamo at her business, demanding respect from her employees and clients that she never had before.

When you look at the price, realize that I will not work for these rates ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  I am offering this as a trial, and can pull it at anytime.  I will honor all purchases, but I can  take down this page at anytime if I am not happy with the time outlawed for my compensation.  That is who I am, and you will just have to live with it.


Regular Price $597.00 $497.00 $397.00

Limited Time Special Only $297.00


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