Today I was at my dinning room table.  I had some minor maintenance to do on some tools and the table provided a good solid surface to work on.  I put some protective cloth and padding on the table so not to damage it and went about cleaning the tools I needed to use.  It just amounted to cleaning the grime off and making sure they were well lubed for the next go around.

She was on the opposite side getting something from her purse that she keeps on a stand along with her phone charger.  I saw this view and just grabbed my phone and snapped off a quick shot because even after 26 years I think she still has a hot ass.  I know I got an instant hard on and my only regret was that there was not another guy present to enjoy the view and get turned on too so he could fuck her.  Oh well perhaps…..but anyway I hope you enjoy the view too.


Minding her own business